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KDK’S POW­ER­FUL DC MO­TOR WILL SAVE EN­ERGY WHILE COOL­ING YOUR HOME DOWN AND MORE. Can you imag­ine run­ning a fan that will ac­tu­ally save money for you in the long run? KDK’s new line of DC-mo­tor pow­ered fans will bring that pos­si­bil­ity to re­al­ity.

All ceil­ing fans in the mar­ket are pow­ered by a mo­tor that has two cores: a ro­tor and a sta­tor. In AC mo­tors, elec­tric­ity is used to mag­ne­tize both the ro­tor and the sta­tor. Con­versely, with the DC mo­tor, elec­tric­ity is needed only to power the ro­tor. The DC mo­tor is also com­pact, mea­sur­ing only half the size of the AC mo­tor. This means that the DC mo­tor ac­tu­ally con­sumes 50% less elec­tric­ity than the con­ven­tional AC mo­tor.

That is not all: with a to­tal of 9 vari­able speeds, KDK’s new line of fans are equipped with Eco Mode, which will re­duce or in­crease the speeds of the fans ac­cord­ing to the tem­per­a­ture in the room. This will fur­ther save 40% on elec­tric­ity as com­pared to us­ing them with­out turn­ing on Eco Mode.

These fans are also very safe to use. Safety switches will cut off the power in the event of any ab­nor­mal­ity, while the blades and the wire will pre­vent the body and blade from fall­ing off the main unit. Hence, KDK’s fans are per­fectly safe to use, both for fam­i­lies with small chil­dren and el­derly par­ents.

If you are in need of a lit­tle il­lu­mi­na­tion, KDK has a line of fans with LED lights. The lights on these fans are not mere ac­ces­sories: they pro­vide uni­form light­ing cov­er­age that will com­ple­ment the lights that are al­ready in the home.

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