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The sig­na­ture teardrop pat­tern of Pais­ley has its roots in an­cient Per­sia, and was thought to be a Zoroas­trian sym­bol of life and eter­nity. Ini­tially known as the ‘boteh’ or ‘buta’, the pat­tern trav­elled down the ‘silk routes’ to Europe in the 19th cen­tury, cour­tesy of the East In­dia Com­pany. It even­tu­ally took a turn through the town of Pais­ley, Ren­frew­shire in Scot­land where it was mass pro­duced and re­dubbed ‘pais­ley’ where it then took over the fash­ion scene of the time. Like any long-lived pat­tern, it has had its ups and downs with its last ma­jor come­back be­ing the psy­che­delic 60s where it was donned by icons the likes of the Bea­tles and Prince. Cur­rent trend fore­casts pre­dict Pais­ley to make an­other come­back this year with fash­ion de­sign­ers al­ready show­ing off col­lec­tions rich in the pat­tern.

YOUTH­FUL DE­SIRES Pais­ley has a place in the up­per ech­e­lons of fash­ion, but it can also be whim­si­cal and down-toearth. When en­dowed with fun pas­tels, it can be an eye-catch­ing back­drop for a child’s bed­room or play­room, cre­at­ing a fan­tasy-like at­mos­phere.

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