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A rather self ex­plana­tory in­ven­tion, wa­ter and air pu­ri­fiers con­tinue to gain pop­u­lar­ity as hu­man­ity grows in­creas­ingly aware of the dan­gers of pol­lu­tion. To this ef­fect, more and more homes are of­fer­ing pu­ri­fiers that serve to cleanse the air we breathe and the wa­ter we drink.


To match an in­creas­ing de­mand for wa­ter pu­ri­fiers, brands have started in­cor­po­rat­ing var­i­ous other func­tions into their prod­ucts so as to con­sol­i­date mul­ti­ple ap­pli­ances in one go. For in­stance; if you’re sick to death of boil­ing wa­ter ev­ery time you need a cup of tea, in­stall a wa­ter dis­penser that pu­ri­fiers, as well as pro­vides boil­ing, room tem­per­a­ture, and chilled wa­ter. The same can be said of air pu­ri­fiers, with fil­ters that grow in­creas­ingly po­tent in re­mov­ing mi­cro-par­ti­cles that are harm­ful for those with si­nus prob­lems and al­ler­gies. And with a fo­cus on im­prov­ing aes­thet­ics of these oc­ca­sion­ally clunky ap­pli­ances, those with a keen eye for de­sign can heave a col­lec­tive sigh of re­lief!

RIGHT Sharp’s Plas­maclus­ter Air Pu­ri­fier cleanses the air, while also trap­ping mos­qui­toes! Plas­maclus­ter tech sup­presses mold, al­ler­gens, viruses, and odors, while a HEPA fil­ter cap­tures 99.97% of all pollen, pet dan­der, dust, and smoke.

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