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Aus­tralian lux­ury bed and bath brand Sheri­dan launches their SpringSum­mer 2019 col­lec­tion with their re­fur­bished flag­ship counter in Parkson Pav­il­ion.

With a strong com­mit­ment to re­new­able, sus­tain­able re­sources, as well as de­sign sen­si­bil­i­ties that bank on the ev­er­green, lux­ury bed­li­nens, tow­els, and home ac­ces­sories brand Sheri­dan more than lives up to the no­tion of time­less­ness. Be­cause as far as we’re con­cerned? Sus­tain­abil­ity never goes out of fash­ion.

There is a sense of the ideal when it comes to Sheri­dan’s prod­ucts, one that re­calls the qual­ity of old with the sus­tain­able in­no­va­tions of the present. Take a walk in Parkson Elite Pav­il­ion; within the store sits Sheri­dan’s brand new flag­ship counter, re­cently ren­o­vated to form the per­fect back­drop upon which the brand’s lat­est Spring/Sum­mer 2019 col­lec­tion was launched. With a de­light­ful ana­ture-in­spired sea­sonal pal­ette, it is one that ul­ti­mately echoes sen­ti­ments of home, as be­fits the na­ture of bed­li­nens; for where else is one at home, if not com­fort­ably tucked in bed?

Home, in this case, is Aus­tralia, from which Sheri­dan’s team of de­sign­ers and ar­ti­sans drew in­spi­ra­tion: nat­u­ral sur­rounds, sun­soaked beach days, flora, and fauna alike. The re­sul­tant col­lec­tion is one that is vi­brant, and yet ev­er­green in its de­sign – a trait per­fectly em­bod­ied by the brand in an at­tempt to ex­tend the life of the prod­uct in any fash­ion­able home. Speak­ing to us at the launch of the new flag­ship counter, Sheri­dan Group Gen­eral Man­ager Mr Paul Gould shares: “Our de­signs are more clas­sic; it’s not high fash­ion. Very few peo­ple can af­ford to buy bed­li­nen for six months, and then buy some­thing new af­ter. We think that things like cush­ions and throws can be much more fash­ion­able. I call those the lip­stick of the home, be­cause a lot of the time, a lip­stick doesn’t cost a lot of money and it can make you feel fresh.”

Ded­i­ca­tion to the longevity of the de­sign is only one part of the beloved Aus­tralia brand’s ef­forts at sus­tain­abil­ity, how­ever. With em­pha­sis placed on in­no­va­tion and the use of re­cy­cled fi­bres (Sheri­dan cur­rently car­ries a Rethread line that is made us­ing re­cy­cled fi­bres), yet more and more is be­ing done to en­sure a sus­tain­able fu­ture. To this ef­fect, the brand makes use of organic cot­ton and Ten­cel™, a re­new­able and in­no­va­tive cel­lu­losic fi­bre that leaves no trace in na­ture. Mean­while, all un­nec­es­sary pack­ag­ing has been re­moved from the brand’s prod­ucts, sav­ing up to 100 tonnes of card­board.

By all ac­counts, the way for­ward is more than paved by the ef­forts of the Sheri­dan group. Paul adds, “We took a look around to see what was hap­pen­ing in our in­dus­try, and to see who was spear­head­ing in terms of en­vi­ron­men­tal stands, and there isn’t any­body. So we thought, let’s take what we’re do­ing, be proud of what we’re do­ing, and just put it out there as a challenge to every­body, to make a move­ment. We think that there’s not enough ac­tion go­ing on in the world to fix the things that are go­ing on.” Be­cause in­no­va­tion plays a key role in get­ting ahead, Paul shares that the brand is now con­stantly ap­proached by like-minded oth­ers. “We’re a rea­son­ably big busi­ness in this space. We’ve got a whole team that’s fo­cused on in­no­va­tion, work­ing with all the upand-com­ing re­cy­cling op­por­tu­ni­ties. We’ve got our fin­ger on the pulse, and we’re now start­ing to have lots of com­pa­nies com­ing to us to share what they’re do­ing, and hope­fully we can use that, and lead the way. We want the whole in­dus­try to get on board.”

What this does, es­sen­tially, is to cre­ate a thriv­ing, sym­bi­otic en­vi­ron­ment. A col­lab­o­ra­tion, not just within one cor­po­ra­tion, but be­tween many who can lead the way for con­sumers the world over. “I think the move­ment that we will see in con­sumer be­hav­iour in the next five to ten years is go­ing to be dra­matic,” Says Paul. “Younger gen­er­a­tions com­ing through want to know where things are com­ing from, they want to know how eth­i­cally it was pro­duced. It’s a whole dif­fer­ent world, and every­thing is so in­stant. There is some fear when you do these things, though: you think you have to be per­fect. And you know, we ac­tu­ally took a po­si­tion; you don’t ac­tu­ally have to be per­fect, you just have to make a start and go.”

Sheri­dan Group Gen­eral Man­ager Paul Gould with Nikki Hunt and An­drea Sav­age of De­sign In­ter­ven­tion, who had flown in to the event to share tips for cre­at­ing a cosy home. The Bell­port col­lec­tion is adorned in de­pic­tions of Aus­tralian flora and fo­liage, and fea­tures warm hues like co­ral, rose, wheat, and gold. The Ather­ton Plan­ta­tion col­lec­tion is a rich coun­ter­port to the Bell­port col­lec­tion, evoca­tive of mid­night camp­fires and rich flo­ral prints. CLOCK­WISE Sheri­dan’s Organic Cot­ton sheets come in reusable match­ing cot­ton bags.

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