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Dif­fer­ent times of day and dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions re­quire ad­just­ment of your cam­era set­tings. You need to be aware and sen­si­tive to the changes in your frame to make the nec­es­sary changes. Many times, long ex­po­sure shots turn out ei­ther over­ex­posed or un­der­ex­posed, so you lose cru­cial de­tails in the im­age.

Per­son­ally, there are two key set­tings that Jeryl keeps con­stant when­ever he takes long ex­po­sure shots. These are the ISO and the aper­ture. Firstly, he sets his ISO to the cam­era’s op­ti­mum qual­ity (usu­ally at ISO 100 or 200). Then, depend­ing on the sub­ject mat­ter for the shot, he keeps aper­ture at f/8 or f/9 to en­sure that all the de­tails within the frame is in fo­cus. Any­thing more or lesser than that tends to re­sult in the loss of cer­tain de­tails that might not be vis­i­ble to the naked eye, un­less zoomed in on screen later.

The last set­ting to take note of is shut­ter speed. The longer the shut­ter speed, the longer the shut­ter stays open and thus the greater the amount of light that en­ters the sen­sor. In some cases, this re­sults in over­ex­posed images. One way of en­sur­ing that the im­age is not over­ex­posed, is to look at the Ex­po­sure Value (EV) me­ter on the cam­era af­ter set­ting the shut­ter speed. If you are tak­ing a long ex­po­sure shot of the cityscape, hav­ing the EV me­ter read just slightly be­low zero will en­able you to re­tain the city’s de­tails while not over­ex­pos­ing the city lights, which may get over­ex­posed if it’s above zero.

When you get ex­po­sure right, there is usu­ally lit­tle ad­just­ment re­quired. The de­tails of the im­age are re­tained, so Jeryl sim­ply adds a gra­di­ent fil­ter in Light­room to bring down the ex­po­sure of the sky. This in turn brings out the col­ors and de­tails. He also brought down high­lights and in­creased shad­ows to en­hance the de­tails of the cloud move­ment. Lastly, Jeryl says to re­mem­ber to en­able lens cor­rec­tion to your im­age, as that helps to re­move vi­gnetting.

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