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Ju­nichi Miyasaka, Con­sumer Prod­uct De­vel­op­ment Head­quar­ters Ya­suko Nunokawa, Global Strate­gic Mar­ket­ing Di­vi­sion Koichi Mat­suzaki, Man­ager, Over­seas Sales Di­vi­sion

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The selfie cul­ture isn’t as big in Ja­pan as it is in China, so how did a Ja­panese brand end up dom­i­nat­ing this mar­ket, and why hasn’t it taken off in the West?

MAT­SUZAKI: Maybe the move­ment is not as big as in China, but Ja­pan also has its own selfie cul­ture and users. Since the re­lease of the first TR; TR100, we have been watch­ing the whole Asian mar­ket and de­vel­op­ing the TR’s func­tions as a selfie cam­era to meet them.

Now, of course selfie cul­ture ex­ists in the West as well. How­ever, our mar­ket re­search found that Asians are more re­cep­tive to self­ies, and (our) make-up mode is very pop­u­lar with them, as com­pared to the West. As such, we chose to fo­cus on the Asian coun­tries.

How come there haven’t been more Chi­nese com­pe­ti­tion on their home ground?

MAT­SUZAKI: There were sim­i­lar prod­ucts in China in the past. How­ever, it seems that the make-up qual­ity from those prod­ucts are not as good as that of the TR se­ries. As a re­sult, the Ca­sio TR cam­eras still re­main com­pet­i­tive in the mar­ket.

The de­sign of the TR mini makes it ded­i­cated for selfie. Isn’t this too lim­it­ing for a prod­uct that shares sim­i­lar fea­tures with the stan­dard TR range and other Ca­sio mod­els?

MIYASAKA: The TR-M11 was re­leased (specif­i­cally) to fo­cus on self-por­traits; to cre­ate new pho­to­tak­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties for a broader group of users. To in­te­grate these func­tions as well as dif­fer­en­ti­ate the TR-M11 from the TR80, TR-M11 has ad­di­tional fea­tures, such as the LED ring light, which re­sulted in the round shape com­pact de­sign that was adopted for the cam­era.

NUNOKAWA: Our dig­i­tal cam­era lineup is di­vided into dif­fer­ent seg­ments with dif­fer­ent con­cepts, and the make-up modes in each cam­era (ac­tu­ally) have dif­fer­ent fea­tures.

The TR se­ries pro­vide the best selfie qual­ity that only ex­clu­sive selfie gad­gets can of­fer. The ZR se­ries is a gen­eral model with all­round pur­pose and a flip up mon­i­tor for tak­ing self­ies eas­ily, while the FR100L has a 16mm wide lenses to take full body shots with beau­ti­ful back­grounds.

As for the ex­ist­ing TR80, we have and will con­stantly en­hance beauty pho­tog­ra­phy as the top-of-the-line selfie model within the TR se­ries. It is also equipped with a 360-de­gree swivel, mak­ing it easier to cap­ture beau­ti­ful shots from all an­gles. The TR-M11, on the other hand, is more fo­cused on self-por­trait pho­tos.

So, the strat­egy is to in­dulge a cul­tural trend in­stead of com­pete in the spec­i­fi­ca­tion rat race. Is this how Ca­sio has been able to stay ahead even in the face of the smart­phone cam­era threat?

MAT­SUZAKI: We in­tend to con­stantly in­no­vate in terms of prod­uct de­vel­op­ment cou­pled with cus­tomer feed­back, needs and de­mands to cre­ate new selfie cul­tures and lead the mar­ket.

We hope to con­stantly in­no­vate and im­prove our selfie cam­eras to cre­ate a new selfie cul­ture.

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