Sony WF-1000X

Sony WF-1000X

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Love it or leave it, one can­not deny that wire­less head­phones have be­come an in­te­gral part of our lives, in one form or another. These cord­less au­dio ac­ces­sories have also been un­der­go­ing a con­stant state of evo­lu­tion, with some mod­els sport­ing more cost­ef­fec­tive fea­tures (e.g. longer bat­tery life), along with more premium fea­tures (e.g. wire­less sup­port for Hi-Res Au­dio). In this re­view, we’ll be tak­ing a look at one of Sony’s truly cord­less and band-less in-ear head­phones, the WF-1000X.

The wire­less ear­bud con­cept has been around for the bet­ter part of a year now, but in Sony’s case, the WF1000X marks the com­pany’s en­try into this par­tic­u­lar mar­ket. The ear­buds are, as one would ex­pect, ex­tremely light­weight. To the naked eye, a per­son that didn’t know


what they are could eas­ily dis­miss them as some rather fancy look­ing earplugs. On an un­re­lated note, these ear­buds also fit into our ears pretty snugly too.

Mov­ing for­ward, once you’ve placed them in your ears and turned them on, they will give you ac­cess to three modes: noise can­celling, am­bi­ent sound, and the op­tion of turn­ing off both modes. Now, Sony rec­om­mends that you down­load its Head­phones con­nect app in or­der to con­trol these func­tions from your phone (as well as to up­date your ear­buds’ soft­ware), but even if you don’t use the app, you can still cy­cle through the modes by press­ing the but­ton that is sit­u­ated at bot­tom of the left ear­bud.

Be­cause of its size and de­sign, there is, un­for­tu­nately, a trade-off with own­ing the WF-1000X: bat­tery life. At best, Sony’s premium cord­less ear­buds will give three hours of con­tin­u­ous use on a full charge. That said, the WF1000X comes with its own spe­cial cas­ing that acts as the ear­buds’ lone charg­ing port. Ad­di­tion­ally, the cas­ing also dou­bles as a por­ta­ble charger for the ear­buds, ca­pa­ble of car­ry­ing an ad­di­tional six hours of bat­tery life.

With re­gards to the WF1000X’s per­for­mance, our ver­dict is that the ear­buds were de­cent, if not a bit lack­ing. Over­all au­dio clar­ity was im­pres­sive and clear, but we did no­tice an oc­ca­sional click­ing that went off at ran­dom, a flaw that we’re cer­tain can eas­ily be fixed with a soft­ware up­date. Fur­ther to that, sound stag­ing was sur­pris­ingly ac­cu­rate on them, and we de­tected no break­ing in the highs and mids, or any dis­tor­tion in the lows.

for rm899, sony’s Wf-1000X de­liv­ers true wire­less au­dio im­mer­sion, three hours at a time.

The cas­ing dou­bles as a por­ta­ble charg­ing case, giv­ing the ear­phones an ad­di­tional six hours.

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