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Up­stream en­ergy as­sets: Oil and coal re­serves be­come stranded due to in­ter­na­tional top-down car­bon bud­get con­straints i.e. “un­burn­able car­bon”

Down­stream en­ergy as­sets: Pre­ma­ture clo­sure of coal power sta­tions due to con­cerns about cli­mate change and the fos­sil-fuel di­vest­ment cam­paign

and elec­tric­ity stor­age (in part con­nected to electric ve­hi­cles) im­pairs the mar­ket for cen­tralised electric gen­er­a­tion

Res­i­den­tial prop­erty as­sets: Manda­tory en­ergy ef­fi­ciency im­prove­ments re­duce the value of the least ef­fi­cient hous­ing stock and in­crease the value of the most ef­fi­cient hous­ing stock Ship­ping as­sets: Pres­sure to re­duce car­bon emis­sions in­creases the value of newer, larger, more ef­fi­cient ships and re­duces the value of older, smaller, less ef­fi­cient ships

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