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Suhaili and Aidil first met faceto-face at a cafe one evening. “I ar­rived first, and be­ing very OCD, I eval­u­ated ev­ery­thing. I planted my­self at a spot where she could see me with my best an­gle, when she ar­rived. I saw her com­ing, but I pre­tended not to. When she ap­proached me, I gave my best smile and BAM! I had her hook, line, and sinker,” said Aidil mis­chie­vously. “It was his smile I no­ticed first, it was so warm and kind. I had gone to the date with no ex­pec­ta­tions. But it was amaz­ing, we talked so much that evening—de­spite that weird way in which we first met through In­sta­gram—it felt like we have known each other for a long time. And he went on and on about fit­ness, which was awe­some for me, be­cause one of the must-have traits for my ideal mate is be­ing fit,” adds Su. “Min­utes into our first meet­ing, we were shar­ing de­tails about our lives so free and eas­ily, which helped break the ice. There were no awk­ward si­lences or check­ing the time to find an ex­cuse to run away. We were just ab­sorbed in learn­ing about one an­other that the night ended too soon!” re­marks Aidil. It has only been a year since they have started dat­ing, but the cou­ple ex­pressed that they both felt like they have known each other for a life­time—they even read up about and dis­cov­ered each other’s love lan­guage to­gether, through a test de­vised by au­thor Gary Chap­man, dur­ing the be­gin­ning stages of their re­la­tion­ship. “With Su, I never felt the need to hide any­thing about my­self. Ev­ery­thing just felt so nat­u­ral,” Aidil shares. “I am very rest­less by na­ture, I get pretty ex­cited as well as dis­ap­pointed eas­ily, and I al­ways want to get things done. Su has helped me achieve a sense of equi­lib­rium where I am more chilled out. When I am with her, I just feel calm and re­laxed, so she brings out the best in me.” In­ter­jects Su, “Let’s be re­al­is­tic, we also get into a lot of dis­agree­ments as well. But these are healthy talks we have, as we make an ef­fort in try­ing to un­der­stand each other. From these con­ver­sa­tions on our dif­fer­ences, we learnt to bring out the best of us for each other. I think the dif­fer­ences are im­por­tant be­cause it will toughen up your strengths and com­ple­ment all the weak­nesses you have. But at the same time, be open about each other’s flaws. I think that’s the beauty of be­ing with some­one op­po­site from you.” Suhaili also re­vealed that she was touched by how Aidil is so pas­sion­ate about what she loved—dance. “Un­til Aidil came along, I have never met a man who could speak so, elo­quently, pas­sion­ately as well as lov­ingly about the way I dance. Every time he sees me dance, he would al­ways find a way to com­mu­ni­cate with me through words on how I moved him. He is al­ways so lov­ing, so gen­er­ous with his words, time and af­fec­tion. And when I am with him, we laugh a lot. We laugh at ev­ery­thing. And some­times we would look at each other, and know­ingly be think­ing the same things,” she says. See? Soul­mates do ex­ist.

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