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he first time we say hello to lit­tle Lavinia is when she emerges sleepy-eyed from her be­d­room. Much like a baby koala, she clings tightly to her fa­ther’s neck as her mother gets ready for our shoot. “She’s a lit­tle shy,” Pei Lu ex­plains as she ten­derly takes her daugh­ter from her hus­band, Jian Win, and re­po­si­tions her on her lap for the cam­era. A much-loved baby, Lavinia was a happy sur­prise for her par­ents, af­ter a rou­tine visit to the doc­tor led to the dis­cov­ery of their preg­nancy. “We had am­ple time for the prepa­ra­tion, down to de­sign­ing and choos­ing the right wall­pa­per for her room. My favourite part of it all is the shop­ping! It’s an in­de­scrib­able feel­ing when you’re hap­pier shop­ping for the baby, rather than your­self.” Pei Lu re­calls. Moth­er­hood came nat­u­rally to Pei Lu, apart from the first few months which she de­scribed as an ‘in­ten­sive par­ent­ing les­son’. “In just one night I sud­denly had to learn how to be a mum, nurse and a doc­tor all in one!” she laughs. Luck­ily, she had her sup­port­ive hus­band and pil­lar of strength by her side, even through her ag­o­nis­ing 24-hour labour and a month later when Lavinia first fell sick. Over­com­ing the stresses of new par­ent­hood to­gether also strength­ened their mar­riage fur­ther. As a plus point, you also de­velop the abil­ity to un­der­stand baby lan­guage and train your pa­tience, ac­cord­ing to Pei Lu. Although they of­ten see a split of du­ties when it comes to tak­ing care of the new baby, it’s all about work­ing to­gether, say Pei Lu and Jian Win. She adds, how­ever, “I’d say I am the fierce one and her daddy is the an­gel.” How­ever, there is one par­tic­u­lar area she ex­cels in: “I pro­duce her most favourite milk in the world!” she laugh­ingly ad­mits. While many would call it the strug­gles of moth­er­hood, Pei Lu sim­ply chooses to call it a new list of pri­or­i­ties—whether it’s re­plac­ing shop­ping for her­self with buy­ing things for Lavinia, or even find­ing hol­i­day des­ti­na­tions that are baby-friendly. “The hard­est part is of course try­ing to squeeze in a mummy nap dur­ing the day,” she sighs, “but moth­er­hood has def­i­nitely taken over my per­sonal space as well as my so­cial life. And as I men­tioned, my pri­or­i­ties in life have changed, I am truly happy that I’m able to be a full-time mother, which al­lows me to com­pletely take part in her growth and ev­ery­day ex­pe­ri­ences.” Mummy and baby time is of­ten dur­ing Lavinia’s feed­ing times. “Ev­ery time she gazes at me dur­ing feed­ing time, I just love to see my mini me look­ing at me with such an ador­ing look on her face. It’s the most precious time for me and her. Now that she’s a lit­tle older, we have our daily rou­tine where she’ll pick a book and re­quest to sit on my lap as I read to her. I just wish she stays that way for as long as pos­si­ble.”

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