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A Clean Slate, Again

- — Elizabeth Soong ong Print Editor ditor

I’m sure i’m not the only one that looks at the new year as a chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. But the thing about resolution­s is… it means nothing if it’s just going to fall by the wayside by the second month. Some of these spiels might sound familiar: I’m going to… get fit, lose weight, get more organised, save more money, spend more quality time with family, travel more, read more. All being said and done, resolution­s would have more staying power if we set goals the SMART way—which is to give yourself realistic and attainable goals within a time frame, with specific tasks to ensure the outcome. In this issue, we speak to four individual­s who have each inculcated positive, enduring habits that began with a simple need. In Creatures of Habit (page 138), we have Claire Sancelot who lives with zero waste, Gurmit Singh walks the talk of reducing carbon footprint, Jenn Low goes on a digital detox with regularity, and Didie Nasir practices self-love and body positivity. Read on to get inspired (I know I was—and I might take a leaf out of Jenn’s and Didie’s books) and you might gain some tips on how you can be a better version of yourself this year. Speaking of, we begin 2019 with a pair of personalit­ies who will certainly pique your curiosity. Our cover stars Datuk Seth Yap and Datin Lea Chan are the epitome of the perfect partnershi­p—in life and in business. But what makes them simpatico? Find out by turning to page 130 to take a peek at the life they have built together, and what they think of second chances. This year indicates a continuati­on of the challenges brought on from the previous one, but such is life, it’s a never-ending loop that reminds one of the theory of the universe’s cyclic tendencies to repeat its own history, but that would be a story to be continued for another day.

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