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A young lady married into an affable family is reportedly too caught up with the excitement of attending soirees that she is neglecting her newborn child—to her in-laws’ displeasur­e. Word is out that a ban has been put into place.


When two influentia­l friends fell out in high society, the catfight it sparked escalated into a full-fledged war. Joining in the fray was one of the ladies’ husband, who added oil to the fire, by creating a fake social media account to spread malicious rumours about the other lady.


In the article “Road To Runway” published in our November 2018 issue, there was an error in Dato’ Yasmin Yusuff and Maggie Loo’s titles: For Dato’ Yasmin who holds the title of Miss Malaysia 1978, she received the third prize for Best National Costume at Miss Universe 1978—it was printed as Second runner-up at Miss Universe 1978. Her title as Miss Kuala Lumpur 1978 is also non-existent. As for Maggie Loo, it should be Miss Malaysia 1973. We apologise for the error and any grievances caused by it.

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