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"Ihad trouble fitting in while growing up, as I don’t exactly look like the typical Asian woman,” Didie chortled, before adding, “I wasn’t born with a slender physique, so as hard as I tried, I knew and accepted that my body wasn’t going to change or become that way. I quickly figured out that, when you’re able to laugh at yourself, no one and nothing can hurt you, because they don’t have that power over you.” Those were the strong words from someone who is often spotted at some of society’s most exclusive events. With such a sensual yet happy-go-lucky and confident air about her, one would be puzzled at the fact that Didie indeed had trouble loving herself and her body in the beginning. Alas, we are only human, and well, we are prone to such insecuriti­es. But, Didie turned that around. “I always advise people to recognise their flaws and weaknesses, to accept them and focus on the positive aspects. It’s important to love yourself because if you don’t, you are standing in your own way. The things that we say and repeat to ourselves become our reality!” Granted, there was a time that this mum of two and businesswo­man fell into a deep dark place called depression a couple of years ago, and it afflicted her for about a year. It was not easy to come out of it, and whenever she felt the need to break this positive habit, she reminds herself of this: if ever she feels like she is losing control of her feelings and thoughts, she will shake it off and meditate to realign herself. She does not want to go back to that state ever again. Time to yourself, she reminded, is essential. There is no such thing as not having any negative moments in one’s life or doubting one’s body, but time to reflect is crucial, as is time to unwind and talk to those who love you for who you are—even when you don’t.

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