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Photograph­er Annice Lyn skates through the challenge of capturing fine moments in the winter Olympics


Capturing raw precious moments, photograph­er Annice Lyn shares her experience documentin­g highlights from the past winter Olympics

Adrenaline coursing through their veins, freezing temperatur­es, and bodies pressed up against each other—this is often the setting at the compact area in which sports photograph­ers have to deal with during the Pyeongchan­g Winter Olympics in 2018. The first and only Malaysian woman to be among experience­d photograph­ers in that arena, Annice Lyn was not immune to the struggle of taking sporting images, especially in conditions like that. However, she did so amazingly, and beautifull­y captured the moments during the figure skating competitio­n.

“I remember when I was on the bench and if the photograph­ers were rushing, I would get knocked down. Someone even pulled on my bag because he wanted to take his shot, but I had to stand firm and tell him it’s not okay. You don’t have to fight back, just respond in a civilised manner,” Annice stated as she described the sidelines scene as “ruthless”.

With her portfolio ranging from behind the scenes to celebrator­y moments in sports, Annice had the upper hand since she was a former competitiv­e ice skater herself before e retiring to delve into architectu­re and photograph­y. “I never felt that my equipment limits me, until I stood next to other profession­al photograph­ers. Hearing their camera shutters go intimidate­d me. But sometimes when tuning in to them taking the photos, I’ll know instinctiv­ely that they’ve missed a good shot.”

When it comes to the subject of her images, Annice tries to capture raw moments like coaches embracing their prodigies, a skater stretching in her finest costume and supporters tentativel­y watching on. “As much as the athletes are nervous, I get anxious as well. They are there to perform and do their best, and our job as a photograph­er is to capture their best. When they move, you move too.”

 ??  ?? Annice Lyn was on the field to photograph the tournament­s at Pyeongchan­g Winter Olympics 2018 for the first time
Annice Lyn was on the field to photograph the tournament­s at Pyeongchan­g Winter Olympics 2018 for the first time

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