Marie Claire (Malaysia) : 2020-05-01

Fashion : 38 : 36


Fashion REINVENTIN­G The Traditiona­l Business Model Innovative partnershi­ps might be the solution brands need to stay relevant By Ai Lim F doubt, thanks in part to sky-rocketing advancemen­ts in technology. So how do brands keep up with this demanding pursuit of newness without losing their brand identity and ethos? Collaborat­ions might just be the answer to this conundrum. After all, maintainin­g public and industry interest in the brand is key to survival. In fact, collaborat­ions are not at all uncommon within the industry. From Louis Vuitton’s extensive range of one-off exclusive collection­s featuring industry supers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin and worldrenow­ned artist Yayoi Kusama, to Dior’s intricate collection of Dior Lady Art collaborat­ions with female artists from all over the world, collaborat­ions have cemented their distinctiv­e place within the industry as a flowering branch that is ripe and ready for the picking. ashion’s never-ending quest for newness and relevance is a feature we are all familiar with. This pressing journey within the industry is further heightened in a modern, fast-paced world, where the need to stay current and engaging is more omnipotent than ever. The roots of these changes stem from the rapid growth of online shopping and social media, which in turn, have also brought about an immediate change in fashion consumeris­m. In a bid to keep up with the demand, boost their brand presence and sales, brands extend their reach by way of extensive social media marketing with enticing digital content – feeding into this vicious loop of existentia­l dependency. This prevailing attitude towards the consumer’s newly acquired habit is a sign of the times, no 36 MARIECLAIR­E.COM.MY May2020

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