Marie Claire (Malaysia) : 2020-05-01

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Local Report

Local Report We fight back with unity Azza Arif, Editor of Marie Claire Malaysia along with it, came the uncertaint­y about where humanity is headed. But not everyone resorted to self panic—a number of Malaysian women sprung in action to help curb the virus and flatten the curve. Some, like our Digital Writer Ezza Zainal fought back by producing helpful tips and content for others to follow to keep morals up and awareness distribute­d whilst staying at home, while others took a more hands-on approach by helping those who do not have the luxury of staying at home safely, with constant food on the table. Another of those warrior women is Dr Sangeetha Siniah, a Paediatric­ian and a Paediatric Infectious Disease and Immunology Fellow, working hard at ensuring the patients at Hospital Tunku Azizah,Women and children Hospital Kuala Lumpur are well taken care of medically, whilst another, an Amazing woman awardee, Elisa Khong is out distributi­ng food and resources to those in need. Here are personal insights on how we, as Malaysian Women, are doing our part in combating Covid-19. A pandemic. I couldn’t believe I was living through a pandemic. This really feels like I am stuck in a simulation version of I remember only a little over a month ago, I had just gotten back from a couple of work related trips—as the Editor of Marie Claire Malaysia, I am constantly on-the-go—wishing I could have a week to myself at my new apartment, with no disturbanc­e from anyone. I must say—be extremely careful for what you wish for! Not only did mother nature present me with my request, she also added in a few extras—a virus pandemic and movement control from everything and everyone. And all that happened so fast! Here in Malaysia, with the Movement Control Order, the military along with the police force have been instated to ensure that Malaysians stay at home, and keep their movement to bare minimum. My first thought was, ‘I can’t visit my family!”, followed by, “how long will this actually be?” And that thought escalated to, “how can I protect my family at all costs?”. The world has changed. And Contagion. We use our fashion skills to help frontliner­s Together local designers of Moda (Malaysian Official Designers’ Associatio­n), we are all working on crafting PPE (personal protection equipment) gowns and masks for our Frontliner­s. United as one, we sew from the comfort of our own homes while these Frontliner­s are risking their lives helping affected patients. We have to help, we cannot let them fall for if they fall, we fall! Making these gowns of a different kind—one that saves lives is meaningful & fulfilling! Celest Thoi, Fashion Designer 44 MARIECLAIR­E.COM.MY May2020

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