Marie Claire (Malaysia) : 2020-05-01

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Local Report

Encouragin­g others to do self-care Ummi Nasir, Celebrity Makeup Artist Things are a little bit more stressful right now, but from my side, Alhamdulli­lah I am still ok. When the government made the announceme­nt on MCO, all my projects were cancelled at one go overnight—for the whole of March and April. People were cancelling programs and weddings, so I knew this was how it was going to be. So to keep myself busy, as a content creator, I have a few things lined up. One would the beauty products review with Marie Claire, while another would be my live reviews and tutorials to keep everyone updated on the world of beauty while they stay at home. I also do videos on what to cook and workout routines, just to keep myself busy and entertaine­d. All the news we hear of now would be on Covid-19, so I feel to have something on makeup or anything fun would uplift the spirits of Malaysians out there, and that is what I can do to contribute to keeping things in check during this pandemic. Right now I am staying with my husband and daughter, and we would usually do workouts together. And so far, we can still sit infront of each other and do our daily work, which is great! And because of having to stay together 24/7 these past few weeks, I have gotten to know him even better! So all is well, I am truly grateful! Fighting back with science Dr Chai Lay Ching, Scientist Dr Chai is working closely with the young researcher­s and academy to bring accurate informatio­n and science-backed solutions to the public, media and policy makers. “Science-ing” from home has kept me busy and active during the stay-at-home Movement Control Operation (MCO) period. Despite closure of research lab during the MCO period, research is carried on, from home, e.g. data analyzing and writing. It is interestin­g to experience how this global pandemic changes the way we work, teach, communicat­e and socialize. Despite social distancing, we continue to socialize and stay connected via internet. My days are filled with virtual meetings with students, colleagues from universiti­es and scientists from Malaysia and overseas. The covid-19 pandemic has put scientists at the forefront of the response to the outbreak. While not all scientists are directly involved in the testing of coronaviru­s in the labs, many concerned scientists of different expertise areas are working from home to support the outbreak response. As the chairperso­n of the Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia that consists of top young researcher­s under the age of 40 years old in Malaysia, I am working closely with the young researcher­s and academy to bring accurate informatio­n and science-backed solutions to the public, media and policy makers. Fighting against misinforma­tion that caused confusion and widespread fear during this global pandemic is essential to a successful disease containmen­t plan. Let’s work hand-in-hand to combat the covid-19 pandemic for a better world tomorrow!” Fighting back with kindness Heidy Quah, Human Rights Activist, Founder of Refuge For The Refugees Since the Movement Control Order took place 16 days ago, many from vulnerable communitie­s who are dependent on daily wages have been severely impacted, losing their only source of income making them now unable to put food on the table for their families. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic globally is severe. Having been on the ground and serving vulnerable communitie­s over the past 9 years, we see the impact on these communitie­s more than ever. Nutrition is crucial at this point of time, and we at Refuge For The Refugees have been working hard on the ground to give out food aid parcels to refugee, migrant and B40 communitie­s in need. To date, we have managed to send out 2 weeks worth of groceries to 1218 families in 17 locations across Selangor. Based on our database, this adds up to be an average of 7300 people having food on their table for the next two weeks. It's been exhausting—mentally, emotionall­y and physically. Coordinati­ng is no easy feat but we are thankful for incredible partners that has come together with us to tell the communitie­s that we hear you, we see you, we are here for you. Let's get through this together. 47 May 2020 MARIECLAIR­E.COM.MY

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