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Beauty 1 OATS 2 APPLE CIDER VINEGAR A classic breakfast staple, oats are not only a quick and easy meal solution, but a great source of minerals for your skin health. One of the best foods for your skin, they’re high in manganese, which helps to maintain healthy hair and hair colour. Oats also contain anti-aging selenium—a powerful nutrient for skin elasticity and production of antioxidan­t glutathion­e. The iron and vitamin B1 in them are great for maintainin­g a healthy nervous system and keeping nails and hair strong! Although the smell may be a total turn off, taking a shot of apple cider vinegar may just prove to work wonders for your skin. Because of its high alkaline pH, it will help to balance acidic foods in your body to maintain a healthy pH level, which is definitely a key point when it comes to achieving healthy, glowing skin. With its ability to fight off bad bacteria, it keeps the digestive system clear and clean - which will then reflect outwardly on the skin. Extremely versatile, you can even use apple cider vinegar externally too, as it makes for a great spot treatment for unwanted breakouts. 3 CHIA SEEDS Chia seeds are an omega powerhouse and contain so much nutrients in just one serving. They are a great source of cellstreng­thening omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammati­on and protect the skin from sun damage. Rich in calcium and zinc, it can help those looking to strengthen bones and calm down their blemish-prone skin. Thanks to the soluble fibre in chia seeds, not only is it great for your face but body as well as it can improve eliminatio­n and reduce bloating too! 4 GOJI BERRIES Nicknamed as the ‘longevity’ fruit, goji berries are known for their amazing anti-aging properties. Rich in glutamine, this amino acid has the power to stimulate the production of HGH, a hormone that keeps skin looking youthful and has fast healing abilities that usually decline with age. Goji berries have the exceptiona­l ability to defend mitochondr­ial health and protect against DNA damage, making them one of the all-time best foods for skin health and beauty. 5 OLIVE OIL 6 SWEET POTATOES Not just for the kitchen, olive oil is secretly a sensitive skin healer. Rich in antioxidan­ts, olive oil can keep your skin looking more supple and youthful, as well as reduce the risk of fatal heart conditions and more. It’s antiinflam­matory properties make it great for calming sensitive skin and combined with both vitamin E & C, it also defends skin from UV and can slow down the process of aging. Perfect for those who are looking to revitalise and restore their complexion, a daily intake of sweet potato may just be the cure. With the optimal skin-brightenin­g combinatio­n of vitamin A and C, these two powerhouse vitamins work to neutralise cell tissue-damaging free radicals, which are the main criminals that are causing the dulling of your complexion. Full of biotin too, eat sweet potatoes to strengthen and stimulate hair and nail growth as well. SUPERFOODS for HEALTHY SKIN They say beauty comes from within, and that’s totally right. Whatever we put into our body, will usually reflect outwardly too. To ensure skin always stays glowy and radiant, here are some essential superfoods that should be incorporat­ed into your diet for utmost skin health 58 MARIECLAIR­E.COM.MY May2020

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