Marie Claire (Malaysia) : 2020-05-01

Beauty : 61 : 59


SAND & SKY AUSTRALIAN EMU APPLE SUPER BOUNCE MASK Erase any signs of dull skin with Sand & Sky’s Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Mask. Uniquely formulated to tackle tired skin, this native superfruit blend mask is powered to brighten and bring the bounce back to your skin. Supercharg­ed with vitamin C from Kakadu plum and five types of hyaluronic acid, this mask is a great cure for skin that has been cooped up indoors and is in need of some glow! READY RELAX to Immerse yourself with these at-home luxuries that promise nothing but relaxation and calm. Build your own spa and transform your bathroom into a zen palace with these at-home spa essentials FRANK BODY IN YOUR DREAMS SLEEP SCRUB & SOAK LUSH NAKED BUBBLE BARS DIPTYQUE CANDLES FOREO BEAR The king of candles, Diptyque has a scent for every type of nose, and they are an absolute essential when it comes to creating a calming ambiance at home. Simply turn down the lights and let the dim candle light put your mind at peace. Whether you’re winding down with a sheet mask or taking a few minutes to de-stress with some meditation, a lit candle can give that additional feeling of relaxation and calm. Mimic the results of a masseur at home with FOREO’s brand new Bear. Taking facial fitness to a whole new level, this smart microcurre­nt facial toning device feels like a facial and promises to tone like a workout, focusing on tightening and firming the skin for a youthful, contoured complexion. With a total of five routines available on the FOREO For You App, their Total Facial Knockout is the first to be launched with more coming soon! A fun addition to your soothing soak, these Lush Naked Bubble Bars will have you craving baths everyday. Having just recently launched 24 new variations, there’s definitely a bubble bar for every type of person and occasion. Ranging from bubble sticks, to bubbleroon­s, a favourite of ours is the new bubble bottles. Not only is it foamy fun, the bar is infused with a variation of essential oils for an added aromathera­peutic touch to your bath. Prep yourself for the best and most relaxed sleep of your life with Frank Body’s In Your Dreams 2-in1 scrub and soak. Exfoliate all the accumulate­d stress away and gently prime for sleep with this calming mix of lavender, chamomile, Epsom salt and magnesium. Either use it as a bath soak or a scrub in the shower, whichever way you prefer, you’ll be waking up with soft, exfoliated skin and amples of beauty sleep. 59 May 2020 MARIECLAIR­E.COM.MY

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