Marie Claire (Malaysia) : 2020-05-01

Beauty : 63 : 61


DR. DENNIS GROSS UNIVERSAL DAILY PEEL The gold standard of peel pads, The Dr. Dennis Gross Universal Dailly Peels are ideal if you’re looking for an easy solution to exfoliatin­g. Convenient­ly packaged in an easy two-step wipe process, it works to lift away any traces of dead skin along with excess oil & impurities, while improving uneven tone & texture of the skin. ATLEIN SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. RAPID FLASH BRIGHTENIN­G SERUM Infused with a whopping 15 percent ultra-stable, advanced vitamin C, this brightenin­g serum from Sunday Riley promises to rapidly brighten the skin, whilst fighting the look of dark spots and discoloura­tion. With continuous use, skin looks firmer and plumper, and reboots that youthful bounce and tone in your complexion. CHARLOTTE TILBURY MAGIC EYE RESCUE CREAM Eye creams are an absolute must when it comes to protecting the skin against signs of aging. And Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Eye Rescue Cream is one we have in stock often as the formula isn’t too rich and it instantly hydrates and nourishes the fragile undereye area. Featuring winter daphne stem cell extract and red algae marigel, this concoction of ingredient­s all work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles whilst brightenin­g those pesky dark circles. FRESH CRÈME ANCIENNE With oils hand blended in a monastery, the Crème Ancienne moisturise­r from Fresh exudes nothing but luxury and opulence. Labelled an ageless complexion cream, it promises long-lasting hydration whilst immediatel­y smoothing the look of wrinkles and fine lines. The face cream is hand-blended with meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin E, and chamomile wax to provide the skin with ultimate nourishmen­t, protection against wrinkle causing free radicals and decreases dry spots and softens the skin. KIEHL’S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRAT­E Formulated with distilled botanical lavender essential oil, this concentrat­e from Kiehl’s has an added sensorial touch that not only helps skin rejuvenate overnight, but also calms the mind down and prepares it for sleep thanks to its soothing and calming properties. What we love most about this concentrat­e is that it also works to replenish the skin at night when it is most receptive to repair itself from daily aggressors that are usually the cause of premature aging. 61 May 2020 MARIECLAIR­E.COM.MY

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