Marie Claire (Malaysia) : 2020-05-01

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Beauty W SABRINA TAJUDDIN, ith a mission to help empower women through makeup, Sabrina Tajuddin created Breena Beauty, one of Malaysia’s leading beauty brands, offering a wide spectrum of products spanning from latex-free Blending Pearl sponges to her Wanderlust eyeshadow palette. Co-Founder & Creative Director of Breena Beauty As a rising entreprene­ur and brand owner, how did you find the confidence to create Breena Beauty? First of all, it is my “big why”. I come from a normal family with no business background, but I had this vision where I wanted to be able to do something big and be able to give back for my family and community with something I love to do. It's definitely a leap of faith but I'm not letting fear conquer the possibilit­ies that I could achieve. How would you want Breena Beauty to influence the local beauty scene? I would like to give a positive message to women that they are the best versions of themselves through the Breena Beauty journey. I believe that makeup is all about boosting your confidence, and I want my products to do just that. I want the community itself to lead in supporting and spreading positivity vibes to every woman out there to be the best version of themselves. What are your thoughts on the current landscape of the beauty industry? So far I think that the Malaysian beauty industry is growing and has been better, but it definitely needs time and more education on the purpose of skincare and makeup. Where do you see the Malaysian beauty industry going in the next 5 years? It is going to be an impactful industry not only locally but internatio­nally. Any words of advice to young Malaysian’s who wish to get involved in the Malaysian beauty scene? Go for it, and do it because you enjoy doing it. You know that it is for you when you are still enjoying it when you fall because you know the purpose of it. The Newest BEAUTY BOSSES Redefining the Malaysian beauty scene, Marie Claire Malaysia explores exactly how our homegrown future shapers are thriving in the local landscape of beauty By Alisha Azuddin 66 MARIECLAIR­E.COM.MY May2020

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