Marie Claire (Malaysia) : 2020-05-01

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YAYA ZAHIR, Co-Founder of Asly Beauty for Asly and Asly Beauty , it all has to be an extension of me and I have to have passion for it, it has to be something that I love doing. Everyday doesn’t even feel like work for me, It’s something that I just want to do because it’s fun. It's not all about the money. If you’re too money-driven, it’s hard to be creative and then you’ll get so stressed up, so I make sure that it’s all about love and passion. So I guess that’s the way that I find my confidence to commit and create my brand. How would you want Asly Beauty to shape the Malaysian beauty industry? In terms of the beauty industry, it’s really interestin­g because I launched Asly first and then a year later, I partnered up with Dynamics Inc. to launch Asly Beauty. I find the beauty community, and the beauty market, really interestin­g - It’s something so new to me. I know there is a lot of competitio­n out there, but I think the most important thing is being yourself and to not lose sight of your brand’s identity. Asly Beauty is all about having fun and being creative and letting the user create whatever look they want, I definitely want to share this ideal. I think it’s just all about positivity and being adventurou­s at the same time, and, not to forget, supportive. What would you want to change about the Malaysian beauty industry? To be honest, I wouldn't say the Malaysian beauty industry is lacking or anything, but I would say that we need a little bit more positivity and support between each other, seeing as that Malaysia is so small. I mean it’s big but you know what I’m saying right? I mean, what else can we do? We can just support and rise together and make sure we stick to our own branding. I think it’s really important to know the difference between being inspired and replicatin­g - it's so important to know that. At least when you look at me, you know that “Oh, that’s so Yaya.” and when you look at her, “that’s so her”. It’s good to inspire each other but we need to stick to our own branding and our own principles. We need to inspire each other as well but take it and do it in your own way, and to style it in your own way. So I guess authentici­ty is really important. P resenter, Owner of Asly, and now beauty trailblaze­r, Yaya Zahir’s Asly Beauty is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the local beauty scene! A brand that embraces and celebrates authentici­ty and originalit­y, Yaya was inspired by her travels and wanted to bring those ideals back home. What would you tell a young Malaysian dreaming of starting her own brand? You need to love what you do. That’s really important. Yes, of course, to start a business is really risky and to maintain it is even riskier, but if you love what you do and you love it genuinely, hopefully, it will last long and you won’t even feel like a business. You really need to set your principles, know your branding, and be true to yourself! I think it’s really important to know your own style and to explore your own style too! As a rising entreprene­ur, how did you stay committed and find drive for each of your projects? For me, it’s really important to have your own principles. So what I believe in is that whatever I do 69 May 2020 MARIECLAIR­E.COM.MY

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