Marie Claire (Malaysia) : 2020-05-01

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ANXIETY, BEGONE! 1 We have to say—it’s been a rough, exhausting month, and what we need right now is some TLC. Make life a little less overwhelmi­ng for everyone, including yourself, with these stress-relieving gifts below 2 1 Sometimes, all a girl really needs to tune out any negative or frustratin­g thoughts is by playing Smile, by Nat King Cole on repeat. Listen to it with this AirPods Pro, which have complete noise cancellati­on features, and superior, immersive sound, in an all-new lightweigh­t, in-ear design. 5 Sharing our bedroom staple obsession of today—weighted blankets! This cosy, plush blanket from YnM is not just any blanket. These blankets are filled with small objects, like pellets, discs or beads of plastic or glass that gives them an added weight that gently hugs the person underneath the blanket. It’s legitimate anxietyfig­hting powers has made it a crowd favourite, thanks to its aid in promoting better sleep. 3 Cooling Weighted Blanket, YnM AirPods Pro, Apple 6 2 There’s no better way to unwind than taking a warm shower, wrapping a towel around your head, and rubbing a generous amount of this amazingsme­lling Jo Malone body cream all over your body. Sit back, and enjoy a calmer vibe at home, or in the office, with this essential oil diffuser. Not just any normal diffuser, the Audelia Naturals diffuser comes with a built-in bluetooth speaker, for you to play your favourite tunes through your phone. It comes with three 5ml bottle of essential fragrance oils too. 4 Blackberry & Bay Body Crème, Jo Malone London 5 3 Craving a good night’s sleep? We recommend to spritz a touch of this heavenly-scented pillow spray, that is blended with lavender, vetiver, and chamomile, to help reduce anxiety and prompt a better night’s sleep. Oil Diffuser set, Audelia Naturals Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, This Works 6 4 Stressed out? Need to unleash your rage? Avoid breaking anything else at your home, and whack a Dammit Doll instead! And yes, you will instantly feel better! Fantasy Island Stress Doll, Dammitdoll­ 77 May 2020 MARIECLAIR­E.COM.MY

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