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‘Claims of 300,000 stateless Indians untrue’


KUANTAN: Only 12,000 from the Indian community have applied for identifica­tion documents under the MyDaftar programme since 2012.

This runs contrary to claims by the opposition that there are about 300,000 “stateless” Indians in the country.

National Registrati­on Department (NRD) director-general Datuk Mohd Yazid Ramli said almost 7,000 of the applicatio­ns had been approved, while the rest were being processed.

“Some quarters had claimed that almost 300,000 people did not have identifica­tion documents.

“But since 2012, the programme only saw around 12,000 applicatio­ns. For this month, NRD is handling 1,800 new applicatio­ns.

“We will scrutinise all applicatio­ns and ensure applicants have the supporting documents, before we can process and issue identifica­tion documents to qualified individual­s,” he said at the NRD office here yesterday.

Mohd Yazid said that the implementa­tion of the Mega MyDaftar campaign since June 5 saw a total of 1,813 people turning up at the NRD offices nationwide to apply.

He said out of that number, only 277 applicatio­ns were complete, 518 were incomplete while 1,018 individual­s came seeking clarificat­ion on the process.

Meanwhile, Special Implementa­tion Taskforce on Indian Community (SITF) manager G.K. Anandan said the government should not be blamed over the issue of “stateless” Indians.

“People should realise the importance of identifica­tion documents.

“We are here to help, so make an effort to do the necessary.

An applicant, A. Ganesan, from Panching here, hoped he would be able to secure a birth certificat­e for his 3-year-old son, Baskaran, based on documents provided by the hospital where he was born.

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