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Jacada Travel is offering clients unique experience­s in faraway lands


AS travellers become increasing­ly savvy and seasoned, it is becoming harder for them to find unique, authentic experience­s in untouched areas. Award-winning luxury travel company Jacada Travel, however, has been working to collaborat­e with exclusive partners, to give clients the best of what various countries have to offer.

Think of driving a Lamborghin­i across a frozen lake in Finland, or getting access to the quietest parts of Madagascar?

According to Jacada Travel founder and managing director, Alex Malcolm,

achiev emenT-based Trav el More people are finding themselves planning what the travel trade calls “achievemen­t trips”. In part, it is because travellers want more out of a trip than a sightseein­g tour. This year has been one of experienti­al travel, with travellers wanting to connect closely with a country or destinatio­n.

Next year, more travellers will want to take this a step further as they push themselves to achieve lifelong goals by climbing a mountain, and in doing so, discover something about themselves.

The number of such trips taken with Jacada has doubled between 2015 and 2016, with a similar growth rate in 2017. Looking at its bookings so far, the company expects this trend to continue into 2018. One top destinatio­n Jacada is seeing in this category is Nepal. The Indian Himalayas has much to offer — from stunning scenery and fascinatin­g culture people are also willing to make time to get to the furthest outposts of the world to experience the best.

In 2017, 40 per cent of bookings were for trips longer than two weeks, but for trips already booked for 2018, 50 per cent are over two weeks long.

“People are getting to a point now where they just want to slow down, unwind and fully let go. That often means “switching off” for more than a week or 10 days,” says Malcolm.

What are the top trending types of trips that speak to travellers? This is Jacada Travel’s list for 2018. to out-of-this-world hiking.

More specifical­ly, the region of Kumaon, in the state of Uttarakhan­d, has been completely unspoilt by mass tourism, and its remoteness is increasing­ly becoming a draw. Another remote outpost gaining popularity is Ladakh — often referred to as Little Tibet — a land of snowcapped mountains, vast barren plateaus and deep turquoise lakes.

Jacada Travel also brings adventure travellers on a trip to conquer Ausangate — the spiritual “Rainbow Mountain” in the Andes of Peru. Still an undiscover­ed land mainly due to a challengin­g trek from starting at over 4,000 metres and reaching an epic 6,372m, travellers walk through unimaginab­ly stunning terrain that changes from vibrant reds to lush greens, and to snowladen slopes, hence the name Rainbow Mountain. This is one of the quietest treks available.

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Scandinavi­an regions (Norway, Finland, adding to its existing five-times weekly Sweden and Denmark) are becoming Copenhagen flights. increasing­ly accessible to travellers in this But heading to Scandinavi­a isn’t just region. Singapore Airlines, for instance, about the Northern Lights any longer. Jacada has bumped up its flights to the Scandinavi­an Travel gives its clients access to some regions — it recently began flying of the wildest experience­s: Lamborghin­iracing direct to Stockholm five times a week, across the frozen lakes in Finnish

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