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Jalan Semarak land to officially return to Felda within the week


KLUANG: Felda will officially receive its land in Jalan Semarak, worth RM270 million, within the week.

Its chairman, Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad, said the return of the land to Felda showed the agency’s commitment in safeguardi­ng assets and settlers’ welfare.

“InsyaAllah, Felda will get back the Jalan Semarak land officially next week. The process of transferri­ng the land ownership to Felda is being conducted this week and is expected to be completed soon. We have the signatures.

“We expect that by Monday next week, everything will be completed and the land grant will be back under Felda’s name.”

He was speaking after the launch of Karnival Orang Felda Sembrong Kita in Felda Ulu Belitong here by Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammudd­in Hussein, who is also Sembrong member of parliament.

The controvers­y involving the land arose after Berita Harian, in an exclusive report last year, said Felda was at risk of losing the land, which was earmarked for KLVC, through dubious transfer transactio­ns since 2015.

Shahrir said the police’s and Felda’s investigat­ion into the case was ongoing although the land’s ownership returned to Felda.

“This is because the police’s investigat­ion and our internal inquiry found dubious elements in the transactio­n.”

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