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He watched porn and tried to hug two stewardess­es


CABIN crew aboard a Malindo Air flight from Kuala Lumpur to Dhaka on Saturday had to wrestle and restrain a Bangladesh­i passenger after the 20-year-old stripped off his clothes.

The man, a student at a private university in Cyberjaya, was also reported to have masturbate­d to porn and tried to hug two female cabin crew members.

After he was clothed and restrained, the pilot contacted Bangladesh­i authoritie­s who detained him when the aircraft landed at Shahjalal Internatio­nal Airport in Dhaka.

It was learnt that the passenger had started behaving strangely not long after the aircraft had taken off from the Kuala Lumpur Internatio­nal Airport.

At 10,000 feet, he was said to have stripped naked and started to watch porn at his seat, ignoring passengers around him.

When approached, the passenger adhered to crew members’ request to put on his clothes.

While the plane was at cruising level, the man tried to hug one of the female crew members on his way to the toilet.

Shortly after, he started to misbehave again and attempted to hug another stewardess. When the cabin crew head tried to calm him down, the man turned aggressive and attacked the crew member.

With the help of passengers, the crew members apprehende­d the man and relocated passengers seated behind him.

An airline spokesman confirmed the incident.

“The crew on board followed the standard operating procedure in restrainin­g the passenger from causing further disruption on board the flight.

“The passenger was accompanie­d by Dhaka security team upon arrival and has been put in jail. The airline will continue to stay vigilant to ensure passengers travel soundly.”

 ??  ?? The disruptive passenger being apprehende­d by Malindo cabin crew.
The disruptive passenger being apprehende­d by Malindo cabin crew.

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