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Opposition has only itself to blame, says Umno rep

- By Nor Raidah Awang

TAIPING: Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming has been slammed for blaming others for police putting a stop to opposition members using a trailer lorry as a makeshift stage for their Ceramah Jelajah Pakatan Harapan in Kamunting on Saturday.

State Industry, Investment and Corridor Developmen­t Committee chairman Datuk Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid said the opposition members had only themselves to blame for placing the makeshift stage on a road, which served as the main entrance into Kampung Bukit Jana.

The Kamunting assemblyma­n said placing the trailer lorry there meant that the 1,000-odd residents could not get in or out of their village and had to appeal to the authoritie­s for the ceramah to be stopped.

As such, he said, the claims by opposition leaders, such as Nga, that there were “certain parties” who were trying to deny them freedom of speech were baseless.

“If you want to campaign, there is no problem... but you need to follow regulation­s. Don’t lie about it and try to manipulate the situation via the media.

“They parked the trailer lorry on the main road, preventing people from getting in or out. even going to the surau.

“I have (photograph­ic) proof of the trailer lorry used as their stage on Saturday night (and where it was placed)... In fact, several police reports were lodged by residents,” Zahir said at a press conference attended by Taiping Umno deputy chairman Datuk Ton Zalani Mat Darus at the Kamunting assemblyma­n’s service centre.

A newspaper had reported that Nga had claimed that certain parties were trying to stop the opposition from holding its ceramah. He also claimed that the opposition had given prior notice to the police, but action was taken because these parties feared the presence of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Perak police chief Datuk Hasnan Hassan said on Sunday the ceramah organisers did not have permission to hold the event.

Ton Zalani urged the opposition to apologise to the residents of Kampung Bukit Jana for blocking off their main road.

 ??  ?? Datuk Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid
Datuk Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid

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