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Parents, society also responsibl­e for youth developmen­t

- ALIMIN ISMADI ISMAIL Seberang Perai, Penang

across an article recently on why society must also play a role in helpingto educate today’s youth and not leave the task solely to teachers.

While teachers do play a role in educating our young and imparting good morals and behaviour to them when in school, the rest of the responsibi­lity lies with parents or guardians, and, a smaller percentage, lies with society.

Everyone has a role to play when shaping the character and good behaviour of our children.

In the materialis­tic world today, where minding our own business seems to be the norm, apathy, common sense and the sense of belonging within a community must still be present to protect our young.

Despite busy routines, parents must spend time to know their children’s activities and daily programmes.

They should engage with their children.

Society must be reshaped to have an inquiring mind on the goings-on around them so that any wrongdoing by the younger generation will not go unnoticed.

By having such a support system, the disciplina­ry burden shouldered by teachers can be reduced.

It is not the sole duty of teachers to inculcate discipline and integrity in our children.

All of us must act together for the good of the youth so that they will have a brighter future.

It is better to educate them when they are young, than to mete out punishment when they are older.

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