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Palaniappe­n Arumugam: They could have managed it better. If there were only a few pieces for sale, don’t advertise it as a ‘warehouse sale’. It was a waste of time for those who went all the way there. Think it through the next time, please.

Ahmad Shukri: All resellers should anticipate this. Use a better strategy next time. For example, why not just stick to online bidding? In this digital age, there are many platforms to get this done. Save thousands of people the hassle of queuing up for nothing.

Mastura Hamzah: What a waste of time, having to queue and ending up not getting anything. Should better manage such an event next time.

Anna Abdullah: Well, what did they expect? They used the words ‘warehouse sale’ so of course people thought that there were hundreds or thousands of units available for sale, hence the crowd.

Vivian Chow: Only 200 units to be sold over 30 outlets? This is not smart planning. Switch really should have placed consumers’ needs first before promoting this sale.

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