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Florence Santhiavoo: Unfortunat­ely, there was no announceme­nt made, leaving many commuters confused and angry. Proper, regularly scheduled announceme­nts would have helped immensely. Still, thank you, RapidKL for putting commuters’ safety first.

Mohd Safrizal: Nobody could have anticipate­d or controlled this situation. Force majeure — Act of God / act of nature. We should be thankful that nobody was injured.

Nizam Mazlan: Anybody who was in the area could attest to how crazy and heavy the rain was. There was also lightning that frankly scared the heck out of me. Just happy that no one was hurt.

Roslinda Razali: The way some people commented, it’s as though this only happened in Malaysia. It’s extreme weather and it can happen anywhere. The roof was blown off and it didn’t collapse due to negligence or whatsoever. Don’t overreact.

Cougar Lee: Nothing can withstand the force of nature. Even houses can be blown off on any given day. Let’s just be thankful the damage was not more serious.

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