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FMLLP to ‘separate’ from FAM


make the M-League more dynamic and profession­al, Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnershi­p (FMLLP) plan to amend their constituti­on at their Annual Congress on March 25.

This will see FMLLP “separated” from FAM under a different leadership.

FMLLP chief executive officer Kevin Ramalingam said such a move to amend the constituti­on will be put forth by his side at the congress meeting.

He added that the nomination for FMLLP’s chairmansh­ip will also be carried out if the constituti­onal amendments are agreed to by all 24 stakeholde­rs involved.

“Whatever it is, it all depends on the decision that will be made by the 24 stakeholde­rs. At present, the constituti­on stipulates that FMLLP’s chairman is whoever that is appointed as FAM president.

“In order for us to realise the move to being more profession­al, we want all 24 stakeholde­rs in FMLLP to be able to vote and choose their chairman,” he said during a press conference yesterday.

Kevin added that if the separation between FAM and FMLLP is carried out completely, there will be changes which will see the course of the league moving independen­tly on its own.

He added that this was the brainchild of FMLLP chairman and FAM president Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim who wants to see planning and implementa­tion being carried out in line with what is being done by the successful leagues around the world.

Kevin pointed out that the stakeholde­rs can choose just about anyone who is qualified. Such an initiative is a start in separating politics from football which has always been raised by Tunku Ismail.

“This issue is the same issue that happens with state football associatio­ns where the menteri besar or whoever else becomes the president.

“Tunku Ismail has for a long time stressed that he wants to separate politics from football and I feel it is a very good move by way of voting that is free of any undesired influences.

“The selection of the chairman will be done by the voice of the majority and if Tunku Ismail is nominated once again, he will hold the post in his capacity as the owner of Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT), and not that of FAM president,” added Kevin.

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