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Experience­d profession­als more likely to demand higher wages than younger counterpar­ts, says HR firm


MALAYSIA ranked highest in Asia on employees’ confidence in expecting a higher pay and bonus this year, according to human resources (HR) firm Randstad.

Salary expectatio­ns in Malaysia are the highest, with 78.1 per cent hoping for a wage increase this year, said the Randstad Workmonito­r quarterly.

“Vastly different to Singapore and Hong Kong, experience­d profession­als in Malaysia are slightly more likely to demand a higher salary (78.6 per cent) than their younger counterpar­ts (77.5 per cent),” it said.

Eight out of 10 Malaysians expect a bonus at the end of this year, it added.

Randstad Malaysia country director Ryan Carroll said employees’ expectatio­ns of bonus payout this year indicate a boost in confidence as well as positive sentiments on Malaysia’s economic performanc­e.

“As the market continues to expect growth, employees are expecting to be rewarded for their hard work. Companies should invest in assessing their salary and benefit packages for employees to help improve employer brand, attract the right talent and retain their employees,” he said.

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