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Alex Loke: I feel that the company in charge of this constructi­on can be more proactive in ensuring not just worksite safety, but also the safety of motorists who are passing by the site every day. I look forward to this MRT line, but things can be handled better.

Julianna Latif: One accident is one too many and there’s been more than one. It’s really time to look into whether our security and safety measures are up to internatio­nal standards.

Gemma Joseph: Oh my God. There have been incidences like this too in the past. When will we see improved safety measures at constructi­on sites?

Zaidi Osman: Accidents can happen, yes. But following strict safety procedures can go a long way towards preventing accidents from happening. More should be done to protect innocent lives.

Kitty Truls: I agree with an earlier comment about ensuring safety for motorists who are passing by the constructi­on sites daily. Sometimes our views are so obstructed when roads are closed — just an accident waiting to happen.

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