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27-year-old says experience as production assistant taught him a lot about filmmaking. AREF OMAR has the story


ACTOR Fattah Amin can be seen doing a lot of stunts in the new action thriller KL Special Force directed by Syafiq Yusof. When met at the recent Gala Screening of the Skop Production­s’ movie at E-Curve, Mutiara Damansara, he thanked the film crew for bringing the project to life.

“I know what it’s like behind the scenes. That’s where I started. I used to be a production assistant for Skop.”

The actor said he worked on Syafiq’s directoria­l debut, the psychologi­cal thriller SAM: Saya Amat Mencintaim­u, which starred Shaheizy Sam and Lisa Surihani, in 2012.

“I started from the bottom. I carried props, set them up, drove the van and even collected sand for a scene.”

He said the experience had taught him a lot about filmmaking. Since then, the 27-year-old artiste has starred in television dramas, such as Suri Hati Mr Pilot and Hero Seorang Cinderella.

In KL Special Force, Fattah stars alongside Datuk Rosyam Nor as police officers in an elite unit, who clash in their work ethics. But, they learn to put aside their difference­s to arrest a manipulati­ve villain, played by Syamsul Yusof.

Fattah said the movie challenged him not only for its physicalit­y, but also from a dramatic perspectiv­e.

“We did most of our own stunts. The movie is full of twists and dramatic moments. It’s different from the typical Malay action movies people are used to.”

The film, co-produced by Damofa Production­s and Viper Production­s, opens in cinemas tomorrow.

It stars Tania Hudson, Sabrina Ali, Putri Balqis, Mahmud Ali Basyah, Esma Denial, Liza Abdullah, Ramona Zamzam, Rafiq Salimin, Mustaqim Bahadon and Josiah Hogan.

 ?? PIC BY ZUNNUR AL SHAFIQ ?? Fattah Amin stars alongside Datuk Rosyam Nor in ‘KL Special Force’.
PIC BY ZUNNUR AL SHAFIQ Fattah Amin stars alongside Datuk Rosyam Nor in ‘KL Special Force’.

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