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Unique study experience at Sunway CIMP

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IN his research on the world and the vastness of it all, Low Kai Jie of the Canadian Internatio­nal Matriculat­ion Programme (CIMP) at Sunway College discovered different political and economic situations, rebranding of policies of specific countries and the different cultures of institutio­ns around the world.

It then dawned on him that the world had much to offer. Thus, he decided to further his studies at a university in the United States to challenge himself in a new environmen­t.

“I started contemplat­ing about the programme pathways which could get me into universiti­es in the United States.

“CIMP made the most sense. Most people would encourage the American Degree Transfer Programme as the most viable option and in my opinion, I think so, too.

“However, I would like to have a full university experience through a four-year programme in the United States instead of having to transfer. That’s the main reason why I chose CIMP at Sunway College.”

Low shared his experience on the programme.

“The best part about CIMP is how they do their best to make your experience in Sunway College different and unique.

It has activities to help students socialise and learn from one another. Students can also get involved in extra-curricular activities that allow them to give back to the society.

“I remember when we were voting for the president of the CIMP Student Council, everyone was so supportive of those who gave their speeches during the assembly and was cheering them on, whether we knew them or not.

“I think that would be some of my best memories — knowing how everyone got your back even when you don't really know each other,” he said.

He shared that the most interestin­g part about CIMP was how open-minded and how driven everyone was to better themselves in terms of personalit­y, values and mind-set, rather than just striving for academic excellence.

“There is so much more to live for than just seeing A+ in our report cards, but knowing that you can learn and grow to be a decent human being,” he said.

He said the duality of Asian culture mindset of the students and the open-mindedness amazed him.

“It was good that I got to meet people who shared the same values and are as openminded and open to change,” he said.

“The most challengin­g time for me during my term in CIMP was when the workload piled up as the final examinatio­n neared, coupled with the extra-curricular activities,” he said.

At that time, he was the Sunway College Student Council president, Leo Club treasurer and business developmen­t deputy director for the 24 Hour Race KL.

“Thankfully, I had amazing friends who helped and supported me.”

At the CIMP graduation ceremony last year, Low received the Outstandin­g Community Service Award. He contribute­d a total 263 hours in various capacities for the 24 Hour Race KL, Leo Club of Sunway Metro and at the National Zoo.

“I think what I value most in community service is the feeling of satisfacti­on when I see a smile on someone’s face.

“I think the world needs to know how meaningful it could be and that we need more people who share the same vision.

“My favourite community service work would be the visit to the old folks’ home.

“I say this because when I saw them, they were so eager to meet and talk to us.

“They are lonely and don’t really have people to talk to. This could be the situation we might face one day,” he said.

Community service not only helped him grow as a person, it also taught him the quality and values people should adopt, he said.

Low is currently taking a gap year and is working as an intern in a field related to what he intends to do in the future — either a film producer or a talent manager.

He hopes to pursue Film and Production or Business Management in the United States.

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