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YEAR after year, the graduates of ESMOD Kuala Lumpur (KL) set new precedents when it comes to creativity and style in their fashion design. This time around, the graduating student batches of Morph and Ciao truly seized the runway at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) during ESMOD Graduation Fashion Show 2018.

A total number of 115 garments by 23 young and promising fashion designers were debuted at the event, revealing a huge spectrum of cultural inspiratio­ns, colours, influences and personalit­ies that trademark the unique styles of ESMOD KL fashion designers.

This show follows the success of last year’s graduation show themed “Astral éphémère”, which saw the debut of 17 new designers.

One of this year’s theme is Morph by batch FD 1409. Signifying a process of forming, the name reflects students’ willingnes­s to embrace change.

Morph’s philosophy aims to create meaning in fashion by reflecting their physical and spiritual developmen­t throughout the years in ESMOD KL.

A look at the collection reveals inspiratio­ns from geometry, natural florals, heritage, pop culture and modernity.

Ciao is the theme for batch FD1503. An informal Italian salutation for “hello” and “goodbye”, the collection symbolises the end of an ESMOD journey and a beginning to their new life.

The collection­s are based on more abstract ideas, such as emotions, relationsh­ips, selflove, social commentari­es, futurism, juxtaposit­ion, gratitude, empowermen­t and nonconform­ity.

Internatio­nal and local fashion design celebritie­s Bon Zainal, Brian Khoo and Sally Lau graced the eventful night.

Others also showed up to support the fresh faces, who will soon be joining the fashion industry.

Among them is Andrew Tan, founder and organiser of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW, and not forgetting the friends and families of the designers, members of the media and social media influencer­s.

After the fashion show, ESMOD Paris Head of Fashion Design Paul Marchand, on behalf of ESMOD Internatio­nal, presented five prestigiou­s awards to top students for their achievemen­ts.

These students have shown consistent dedication towards fashion design throughout their three years with ESMOD KL.

For Batch FD 1409 Morph, the Best Fashion Design Award went to Will Lim Kok Leong with his Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, while the Best Pattern Making Award was won by Jesse Chan Su Ping with her collection “Lost In Time”.

Meanwhile, Ho Li Ren won the Best Fashion Design Award for Batch FD 1503 Ciao with her collection “EMPOWOMENT” and Shawn Er Chao Kin going home with the Best Pattern Making Award with his colourful and quirky

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 ??  ?? Ho Li Ren’s collection, ‘EMPOWOMENT’, won the Best Fashion Design Award.
Ho Li Ren’s collection, ‘EMPOWOMENT’, won the Best Fashion Design Award.
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