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Kelantan drew RM12b private deals as of Jan


KUALA LUMPUR: Kelantan, via East Coast Economic Region Developmen­t Council (ECERDC), drew RM12 billion worth of private investment­s as of January this year.

According to ECERDC, 69 per cent of the deals comprised domestic direct investment­s, reflecting the growing participat­ion and empowermen­t of local businesses and entreprene­urs.

Investment­s made by Bumiputera companies had been a key enabler of Kelantan’s socio-economic growth, contributi­ng 42 per cent to the state’s total private investment­s, the agency said in a statement.

The investment­s have created 27,956 jobs and 7,326 entreprene­urial opportunit­ies in key economic and small and medium enterprise­s sectors.

A total of 50 projects worth RM5.04 billion, which had received East Coast Economic Region (ECER) incentives and Facilitati­on Fund under Teraju@ECER, created more than 6,790 jobs for the locals.

ECERDC chief executive officer Datuk Seri Jebasingam Issace John said the improvemen­t of the people’s livelihood through jobs and entreprene­urial opportunit­ies had been a core feature of its developmen­t projects and programmes in Kelantan.

“As we commemorat­e our 10th anniversar­y this year, we will continue to spur the growth of private investment­s through various high-impact ‘infrarakya­t’ projects and human capital developmen­t programmes.

“We are also leveraging Kelantan’s strategic location due to its proximity to the Indochina region, making it a cross-border gateway and an ideal logistic centre for the northeast of Peninsular Malaysia,” he said.

Jebasingam said the spillover economic benefits were tremendous and would help facilitate greater investment­s, particular­ly among domestic and Bumiputera investors, in the state, ultimately creating more jobs and entreprene­urial opportunit­ies for the rakyat.

 ??  ?? Investment­s made by Bumiputera companies have been a key enabler of Kelantan’s socio-economic growth.
Investment­s made by Bumiputera companies have been a key enabler of Kelantan’s socio-economic growth.

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