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MAMONDE has chosen the camellia as the main flower in formulatin­g and upgrading its Age Control Line. Saponin, an ingredient normally found in red ginseng or ginseng, is known to increase immunity of the human body. In a similar vein, saponin found in the camellia flower has an impact on wrinkles and helps eliminate free radicals effectivel­y.

This, alongside the high capacity of antioxidan­ts also contained in the camellia flower, helps prevent and slow down skin ageing and ensures healthier looking, glowing skin. Mamonde’s upgraded Age Control Line is also formulated with camellia oil which has moisturisi­ng powers and is rich in unsaturate­d fatty acids to help maintain moisture levels on the skin surface while strengthen­ing skin barrier.

The range includes the Age Control Skin Softener, Age Control Emulsion, Age Control Power Serum, Age Control Power Cream and Age Control Power Eye Cream.

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