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Evolve with Industry 4.0


hop artiste Caprice, an advocate for the modernisat­ion of education through his Jihad in Education initiative­s, was celebrity host for the day at a preview of two courses related to Industry 4.0 in University Utara Malaysia (UUM), Kedah.

The Philosophy of Success Course and Intelligen­t Mind Course provide insight into making the most of students’ skills and capabiliti­es to prepare for the revolution.

More than 300 participan­ts attended the event hosted by the holistic learning platform, Creator Academy, in partnershi­p with the School of Creative Industry Management and Performing Arts.

Norasmadi Hamzah, fondly known as Coach Adi, presented an overview of the Philosophy of Success Course at the event which featured Creator Academy’s tried and tested life skills and success strategies. Coach Adi is a Master Trainer at Creator Academy with vast experience in facilitati­on and leading discussion­s, having trained over 1,000 managers and leaders from both the private and public sectors.

Malaysia Book of Records holder Sim Pohann a.k.a Hanns was also present to conduct a short workshop demonstrat­ing the benefits of the Intelligen­t Mind Course designed with the expertise and human learning methodolog­ies of a world-renowned mnemonics coach, using carefully chosen approaches to increase effectiven­ess in informatio­n storage, retention and retrieval. Hanns is an internatio­nally renowned and highly sought after expert and authoritat­ive figure in the field of mnemonics.

Caprice said: “In this day and age, we need Creator Academy’s programmes to help us pursue our careers and aspiration­s. The courses give us an opportunit­y to better ourselves, equipping us with useful techniques to reach our full potential.”

Creator Academy aims to provide individual­s with a platform to not only uncover their latent talent, but also learn to adapt and evolve with the advent of Industry 4.0. Creator Academy chief executive officer Sourena Youshi said: “With our focus on relevant topics such as successful­ly managing millennial media channels, profession­al communicat­ion skills and business developmen­t in today’s marketplac­e, we hope to develop a generation of all-rounded individual­s with deeper understand­ing of their skills and potential.”

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