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MALAYSIA De­vel­op­ment Bhd (1MDB) has been termed as the world’s most in­ves­ti­gated com­pany. It may now be the most “overhyped” fake news.

Look­ing at ar­ti­cles and re­ports on 1MDB, it is re­mark­able how Malaysians have re­mained calm over al­le­ga­tions of the com­pany’s miss­ing money and as­sets over the last two to three years.

I be­lieve Malaysians and the au­thor­i­ties, es­pe­cially in­ter­na­tional au­thor­i­ties, are not go­ing to jump to con­clu­sions as eas­ily as op­po­si­tion sup­port­ers.

The fact is, 1MDB has not lost any money, and its debt prob­lem has been dealt with.

What every­one is read­ing about now are new al­le­ga­tions that have no ba­sis to be pur­sued by the au­thor­i­ties.

The op­po­si­tion re­fo­cused on 1MDB fol­low­ing the re­port of In­done­sia’s seizure of the yacht, Equa­nim­ity, off Bali on Feb 28.

Re­ports that busi­ness­man Jho Low and US$1 bil­lion (RM3.9 bil­lion) in cash were on board the ves­sel were de­nied by the In­done­sian au­thor­i­ties.

I am con­fi­dent that no­body bought the story be­cause many of us know that Pakatan Hara­pan lead­ers are wor­ried about six prob­lems in the run-up to the 14th Gen­eral Elec­tion.

These are the wa­ter cri­sis, the Ijok land is­sue, the in­crease in prop­erty tax in Selangor, the Pe­nang undersea tun­nel project, en­vi­ron­men­tal is­sues, and the Pe­nang chief min­is­ter’s bun­ga­low al­legedly bought at be­low­mar­ket price.

There are many un­re­solved is­sues. The op­po­si­tion should ad­dress them or at least try to re­solve them, or their sup­port­ers will lose faith in the pact.

The op­po­si­tion should put its house in or­der, in­stead of launch­ing its manifesto, which was de­scribed as un­re­al­is­tic by po­lit­i­cal ob­servers.

It is only right that Prime Min­is­ter Datuk Seri Na­jib Razak re­buked Selangor Menteri Be­sar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali in Par­lia­ment on the state gov­ern­ment’s han­dling of the wa­ter cri­sis.

I am a Selangor res­i­dent. As menteri be­sar, Azmin should have taken a more di­rect ap­proach to re­solve the is­sue.

Don’t play the blame game. Go to the ground, meet us and as­sure us that the wa­ter sup­ply will re­turn soon.

What is so good about free wa­ter when there is no wa­ter? Pakatan is good at mak­ing prom­ises, but they are rarely kept.

It has led Pe­nang and Selangor for two terms, or 10 years.

Can you imag­ine if this prob­lem had hap­pened un­der Barisan Na­sional? You will never hear the end of it, just like 1MDB.

Now the op­po­si­tion is promis­ing what it plans to do in the first 100 days in of­fice, if it is re­turned to power.

It has been given 3,650 days in Pe­nang and Selangor.

The re­newed at­tacks on 1MDB are to dis­tract vot­ers.

Selangor folk who voted for Pakatan want the wa­ter is­sue to be re­solved — “It is the wa­ter, de­liver that first.”


Res­i­dents in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, queue­ing for wa­ter from a Syabas tanker last week. The wa­ter cri­sis is one of six is­sues plagu­ing the op­po­si­tion pact.

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