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Chow: As chief minister, I’ve interests in all matters in Penang


A: PTMP will be funded through PSR. It is related to the approval for LRT projects in the state. The project is being evaluated by the National Physical Developmen­t Council and we hope that this can be tabled at the cabinet the soonest. This is within the state government’s “100 days” plan. We do not anticipate any approval within the time, but we will push further so that everything will be in place for the approval.

Q: The previous state government gave a significan­t amount of attention to heritage conservati­on. You had introduced a “heritage” portfolio together with “tourism developmen­t”. Any big plans for it?

A: The previous chief minister had a personal interest in heritage developmen­t. I spent my whole political life in here.

I too am concerned about heritage, and that is why it was included in the said portfolio. This is to streamline the portfolio, to synergise it with tourism developmen­t.

As chief minister, I’ll continue to involve myself in heritage developmen­t in the state. I’ve interests in all matters in the state as chief minister.

Q: You are the chief minister, a member of parliament and also an assemblyma­n here. Can you handle the burden?

A: This was the very reason why I did not contest the parliament­ary seat for the previous election as I was vying for a state seat.

In 2008, we were relatively new in the administra­tion, and not too wise about the management and various challenges.

Now, after 10 years in government while handling the most challengin­g portfolio, as we grow older, we also become wiser.

I hope that with better time management, I can handle it.

It enables me to take staterelat­ed matters to Parliament and to federal ministers directly so that we can highlight Penang issues.

Lim had the experience as chief minister and Bagan MP, which he made full use of for the last 10 years.

The same can be applied here. I can channel the voices of Penang to be heard by ministers at Dewan Rakyat. Q: Your house is far from the office. Since you are holding such an important position in the state, would you consider moving in and staying near the office?

A: Thank you for your concern. It takes me about an hour and a half, to and from my home in Balik Pulau, an average of 35 to 40 minutes one way. I have visited the chief minister’s official residence, Seri Teratai, and decided to move in.

However, it might take time, probably a few months, as it is not in a livable condition at the moment.

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