Pre­vent air­borne ill­nesses with Med­klinn ster­ilis­ers

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THE say­ing “preven­tion is bet­ter than cure” is of­ten ig­nored. Many peo­ple don’t re­alise that it is more dif­fi­cult to treat a dis­ease rather than take pre­ven­tive steps.

Many re­alise this too late, and are forced to spend time and money treat­ing ill­nesses which could have been eas­ily pre­vented with a few proac­tive mea­sures.

This is es­pe­cially true for chil­dren’s health. It is easy to adopt a healthy life­style and habits so that we may pre­vent them from pick­ing up ill­nesses.

Th­ese days, par­ents have much to worry about. Ev­ery other day, there is a new ill­ness or out­break that causes us to worry about our chil­dren. Re­cently, the hand, foot and mouth dis­ease (HFMD) made the head­lines.

Young chil­dren, es­pe­cially those who spend their time in day­care cen­tres or at preschool, do not un­der­stand the im­por­tance of hy­giene. At that age, all they want to do is ex­plore the world around them, and keep­ing their hands clean is the fur­thest thing from their minds.

So, what can par­ents do? Par­ents are en­cour­aged to reg­u­larly re­mind their chil­dren to prac­tise good hy­giene habits by mod­el­ling this be­hav­iour them­selves at home.

Day­care cen­tres, nurs­eries and kinder­gartens should take the proac­tive mea­sure to keep their premises clean.

How­ever, keep­ing clean is not enough as ill­nesses tend to re­cur, es­pe­cially in closed ar­eas. They must also en­sure that their premises have good ven­ti­la­tion and air cir­cu­la­tion, to re­move stale air which may be filled with micro­organ­isms like bac­te­ria and viruses.

Med­klinn In­ter­na­tional Sdn Bhd pro­vides so­lu­tions to ster­ilise the air and sur­faces nat­u­rally, re­mov­ing bad smells, help­ing with the haze, si­nus al­ler­gies and cross-in­fec­tions, such as HFMD and ro­tavirus.

Its Cer­a­fu­sion™ car­tridge only needs to be changed once a year.

MRC Kids Bukit Jalil (Tadika Ju­nior Minda Si­nar) has found us­ing the ster­iliser ben­e­fi­cial in keep­ing the chil­dren healthy and free from air­borne ill­nesses.

Prin­ci­pal Joanne Wong said she used a Med­klinn ster­iliser in each room, af­ter hav­ing had to shut down her premises for nearly a week in June af­ter sev­eral stu­dents came down with HFMD.

“The ex­pe­ri­ence of hav­ing to shut down the kin­der­garten had taught us to be more care­ful about hy­giene, as well as take proac­tive pre­ven­tive mea­sures so that the chil­dren do not fall sick eas­ily.

“How­ever, hy­giene alone is not go­ing to pre­vent this. When we closed our premises, we did a thor­ough clean­ing, but I wanted to find a way so that we could pre­vent it from hap­pen­ing again.”

The ster­iliser gives her peace of mind to en­sure that the sur­faces, as well as the in­door air is kept free from viruses. Its com­pact size makes it easy to keep at home or in kinder­gartens.

The ster­ilis­ers re­tail at RM569 (Asens+20), RM779 (Asens+40) and RM1,099 (Asens+60).

Joanne Wong

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