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Kampung Kalut’s new acts

Already into its fourth season, TV3’s popular sitcom Jenaka Kampung Kalut introduces new cast members, writes Tahir Alhamzah


AFTER a few days of filming the new season of TV3’s sitcom Jenaka Kampung Kalut, actress Ain Edruce says the comedic role of Lola certainly came with a few challenges. The 27-year-old artiste and TV host marks her debut in comedy with this role.

“I’ve zero experience when it comes to providing humour. I even wondered why I’m in the series in the first place,” she says. The actress’s breakout role was in the TV3 drama series Kekasih Paksa Rela which aired early this year. But she figured she would give comedy a shot and expand her portfolio.

“Initially it felt a little strange, but it didn’t take long to get into the vibes of comedy, thanks to the rest of the cast who helped me get into character.”

Ain plays fashion model Lola who thinks that she has made it to the top, but in actual fact, she is nowhere near it. “In short, Lola is a bimbo. It’s her being an airhead that brings out the laughter. That can be challengin­g.”

She finds it humbling to be in the company of experience­d cast members, but views it as a good opportunit­y to seek knowledge. “After a few days of filming, I even surprised myself. I was able to ad-lib and throw some punchlines spontaneou­sly. “

On comparison­s being made with Sari Yanti (who starred in the previous three seasons), Ain says it is not an issue since they both play different characters in the comedy.


Also joining the cast is 32-year-old comedian, TV presenter and radio announcer Shuk Sahar. “I was on the show as a guest artiste in Season 1. But this time around, I’m part of its permanent cast.” Shuk plays Kojack, a Mathematic­s teacher who has just moved to Kampung Kalut.

The teacher left home after refusing to marry a woman chosen by his mother.

“Kojack is never at his workplace. You don’t get to see him at the school, or with his students,” says Shuk briefly of his character.

A natural funnyman, evident from his vast TV hosting and radio experience­s, Shuk admits that he was initially nervous about taking this project.

“Jenaka Kampung Kalut has a strong branding. I got a little intimidate­d at first, fearing that I wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the cast, some of whom I’ve worked with.

“But then again, the series marks my first big role in a sitcom,” says Shuk who had his first taste of acting doing sketches on Jihan Show.

And just like Ain, Shuk blends in well on

Jenaka Kampung Kalut. Although Shuk is multi-talented, he won’t attempt singing. “I know my capabiliti­es and singing is definitely not one of them,” he admits.

Shuk juggles his radio job at Hot FM and being host of several TV programmes with his role as Kojack on this show .


Bijan, played by actor and radio announcer Issey Fazlisham, is not a new face on the series, but he has a new business enterprise this season. The series has indeed given him an even firmer footing in the local entertainm­ent scene, ever since he debuted in the reality show Bintang Mencari

Bintang in 2013.

“I’m glad to have been given the opportunit­y to act alongside experience­d actors and comedians such as Ebby Yus and Ropie,” says Issey, 31.

“In this season, Bijan has a new business venture. While maintainin­g his fashion business, he opens a hipster barber shop. So watch out for some mayhem from Bijan this season.”

Meanwhile, Issey denies that controvers­y has led him to end his contract with a radio station recently.

“There are few reasons as to why I had requested to end my contract earlier. One is to concentrat­e on acting. Then there’s my food business as well.

“I received an offer from Suria FM only after I had left Hot FM.” Issey adds that his new morning schedule with Suria FM has provided him with more time to concentrat­e on his other commitment­s later in the day. He partners Fizi Ali and Shahrol Shiro in the Team Pagi Suria slot which airs between 6am and 10am daily. Jenaka Kampung Kalut Season 4 airs on TV3 every Sunday at 11pm.

 ??  ?? (From left) Shuk, Ain and Issey.
(From left) Shuk, Ain and Issey.

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