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State education directors ordered to approve additional holidays for Deepavali


STUDENTS of Tamil vernacular schools (SJKT) are allowed to take a special or replacemen­t holiday for Deepavali in November. In a statement yesterday, the Education Ministry said the ministry had notified state education directors to approve requests by Tamil schools for additional holidays.

“Tamil schools in Group A (Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor) where holidays are fixed from Nov 4 to Nov 6, can request for holidays on Nov 7 and Nov 8.

“Schools in Group B (states apart from those mentioned in Group A) with holidays fixed between Nov 5 and Nov 7, can request for holidays on Nov 8 and Nov 9.”

The ministry said if the school’s allocation for special holidays had been used up, they should request for a replacemen­t holiday.

“The replacemen­t day must be held this month (October). The state education department­s have been asked to reschedule the school’s final examinatio­n if it clashes with the mentioned dates.”

Further, it said, teachers who celebrated Deepavali, other than those who teach in Tamil schools, could request for special holiday (Cuti Rehat Khas) through their school administra­tion.

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