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Chong Wei to return on Sunday by private jet

- Said Naqib Nor

Chong Wei is expected to return to Malaysia this Sunday, according to Taiwanese media.

Chong Wei is in Taiwan for medical treatment for early stage nose cancer.

The China Daily rep or te d Chong Wei as having made a full recovery and ran the headline ‘Chong Wei manages to overcome cancer’.

The 36-year-old former world champion and three-time Olympic silver medallist is reported to have completed his medical treatment in Taiwan.

The news has been publicised by the media across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

According to the China Daily yesterday, Chong Wei has made a full recovery after two months of treatment at a private hospital in Taiwan.

In the news report, Chong Wei was supposed to have returned to Malaysia at the end of last month but he will only return this Sunday following doctors’ advice.

“Chong Wei’s treatment has been completed, and the outcome has been good with no signs of the cancer cells remaining,” according to the China Daily.

“After making a full recovery and getting enough rest in Taiwan, he has been allowed to return to Malaysia on Oct 7 (Sunday) by private jet.”

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Lee Chong Wei

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