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THE Phone­Soap Go is a travel-friendly de­vice that makes sure your smart­phone will al­ways have enough juice to re­main con­nected, all the while of­fer­ing an op­por­tu­nity to sani­tise said hand­set (among other equally small items) re­gard­less of where you go.

Be­ing bat­tery-pow­ered, the Phone­Soap Go is ca­pa­ble of dis­in­fect­ing a smart­phone up to 45 times, and if you de­cide to use it as a power bank, it should hold enough charge to power up a hand­set up to four times on a sin­gle charge, de­pend­ing on the hand­set’s bat­tery ca­pac­ity, of course. As long as your per­sonal item is small enough to fit into its san­i­ta­tion bay, the Phone­Soap Go will be able to sani­tise said item. If you need some ideas on what you would like to have germ-free with the Phone­Soap Go, you can use keys, credit cards as well as ear­buds. All that you have to do is to pack the Phone­Soap Go in its handy car­ry­ing case, place it in your back­pack or suit­case, and you are good to go. The Phone­Soap Go gets the job done through the use of ger­mi­ci­dal UV-C lights that are able to kill 99.99 per cent of the germs liv­ing on a smart­phone, all with­out the use of harm­ful heat or chem­i­cals.

This UV-C light will break apart germ DNA, en­sur­ing it is un­able to func­tion or re­pro­duce, while neu­tral­is­ing bac­te­ria that have de­vel­oped a re­sis­tance to an­tibi­otics. Sani­tis­ing your smart­phone is as sim­ple as lock­ing the screen and plac­ing it in the sani­tis­ing bay. Once the lid is closed, just touch the light­ning bolt on top of the unit and the san­i­ta­tion cy­cle will be­gin. You can also charge your hand­set dur­ing the sani­ti­sa­tion process si­mul­ta­ne­ously, as long as the hand­set’s charg­ing ca­ble is plugged into the back of the Phone­Soap Go be­fore clos­ing the lid. A quar­tet of in­te­grated LED in­di­ca­tors on top of the Phone­Soap Go will pro­vide an in­di­ca­tion of its 7,000mAh bat­tery level. Priced at US$99.95 apiece.

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