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Nakri to bring high waves to Sabah


KOTA KINABALU: Strong winds and choppy seas are expected to hit Sabah waters as tropical storm Nakri moves across the South China Sea towards the Vietnamese coast.

According to a warning issued by Malaysian Meteorolog­ical Department, the storm, up to 11am yesterday, was moving west at a speed of 15kph.

Its location was recorded at latitude 12.5 north and longitude 111.2 east, 535km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

Sabah meteorolog­ical director Amirzudi Hashim said the cyclone’s distance from Malaysia’s nearest point was 878km northwest of Kudat.

“The storm will not hit the Kudat mainland, but it will bring strong winds and affect the state waters, as well as in Sarawak. The strong winds will result in choppy seas in the South China Sea. When the waves approach our waters, it will be high waves,” he said, adding that the situation could be dangerous to fishermen.

Amirzudi said the storm caused wind convergenc­e at the west coast area, bringing heavy rainfall in several coastal districts, namely Membakut, Beaufort and here.

On Saturday, 103 flood victims from 32 families were seeking shelter at a relief centre in Kampung Selagon, Membakut.

The situation saw Sungai Membakut water levels rise up to a dangerous 7.18m, while 12 villages and 10 village routes were submerged.

By yesterday morning, floods subsided at 10 villages, namely Bambangan, Sinoko, Sindok, Lumantak, Baitam Ulu, Baitam Laut, Jambatan Baru, Baitam and Baitam Baru Two.

Other villages still flooded are Kayai and Papas, while the affected routes are now passable.

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