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App way to pay for parking

Paperless and with a time tracker, the JomParking app offers a quick and efficient payment solution, writes Nur Zarina Othman

- Compiled By Nur Zarina Othman

PAYING for parking is one of the leading problems in cities. As we move towards a technology-driven society, many have presented solutions to parking woes, including a company called JomParkir. Offering a quick fix to the payment hassle faced by many Malaysian drivers, the app provides a seamless payment solution.


First introduced in 2015, the JomParking app helps reduce the long queues caused by lack of payment machines at a premises.

JomParkir chief operating officer Muhamad Nasir Habizar says that it all started with his own experience.

“After awhile, you get tired of waiting in line. I began to wonder about payment being made through one’s mobile phone.” Muhamad Nasir has more than 10 years of experience in mobile content.

JomParking is designed to allow drivers to pay for parking without a need for parking coupons or payment machines, and requiring one to then return to the car to display the token or coupon.

With payment made on the app, there is no need to hunt for small change to pay for parking. Since it doesn’t require a printout, it helps save paper too.

“The paperless solution also solves littering and there is no need to print coupon books or parking tickets, reducing cost. It also doesn’t need regular servicing too.”

Available in key areas in the Klang Valley and major cities in the Peninsular and East Malaysia, the app allows users to keep track of time and prompts them 15 minutes before the allocated time is up, so users can decide if they need more time for parking. This helps reduce issue of summonses.

Apart from street parking, JomParking is also available at strategic buildings in the Klang Valley.


The app has over 300,000 registered users since it was introduced and has 400,000 registered vehicles. “Some people own more than one vehicle so they register more than one car under their account.

“We are ready to make our presence known in other states here and expand to neighbouri­ng countries such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Middle East,” adds Muhamad Nasir.

Widely used near municipal buildings, JomParking is extending coverage to locations such as LRT stations, public sports centres and bus terminals.


This homegrown parking solutions provider is the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Award 2018 (ARBSAwards) recipient in the Best IoT Startup category. It is also one of the winners of the Selangor Accelerato­r

Programme 2019 organised by Selangor IT and e-Commerce Council.

“Our vision is to bring parking payment convenienc­e to all drivers. And ultimately, strengthen the cashless community." .”


Realising that payment is not the only issue related to parking, JomParkir has also developed various systems to complement JomParking.

JomForce and JomValet were set up to provide convenienc­e to both enforcers and parking operators.

JomForce is a back-end system that enables enforcers and local councils to manage parking operations easily and safely.

With a mobile app, enforcers can monitor parking by using licence plate readers and handheld devices.

The enforcer scans the vehicle registrati­on plate to identify whether parking payments have been made. It 4 eliminates the use of stickers, receipts on windshield­s and parking tags, and the solution comes with online reporting which helps councils to manage and plan operations.

"It has been proven that parking authoritie­s and local councils save up to 30 per cent of operating cost by using the system.

"JomValet allows paperless management of the vehicles for valet service operators," says Muhammad Nasir.

JomValet allows data to be automatica­lly transferre­d into a system for more efficient data entry and minimise the risk of errors.

Our vision is to bring parking payment convenienc­e to all drivers. And ultimately we want to strengthen the cashless community.

Muhamad Nasir


At MAX 2019 in Los Angeles, California, Adobe announced the next generation of Creative Cloud, comprising faster and more powerful products spanning multiple surfaces.

The company also officially launched Adobe Photoshop on iPad and extended Adobe Fresco to Microsoft Surface, while also previewing the highly anticipate­d Adobe Illustrato­r on iPad and the all-new Photoshop Camera.

It also pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation with the introducti­on of Adobe Aero. Aero helps users create augmented reality experience­s by leveraging familiar tools like Photoshop and Dimension to produce creations that pop in an immersive, three-dimensiona­l environmen­t.

Updates to the Creative Cloud desktop software are available to all Creative Cloud subscriber­s. The mobile apps are available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


BEN Goertzel from Singularit­yNET presenting a Philip K.

Dick robot during a presentati­on about robots and artificial intelligen­ce at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Activated in 2005, the Philip K. Dick (a.k.a. Philip K. Dick Android) was designed by David Hanson as a robotic paean to the sci-fi writer of the same name.

However the original android was lost on a flight from Dallas to San Francisco in late 2005.


DJI, a global brand in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, recently announced a new model under its Mavic line — Mavic Mini — an ultra-light folding drone.

Weighing only 249g, the fully customisab­le Mavic Mini is portable, easy to fly and designed for safety, making it perfect for both new and seasoned drone flyers.

Offering high-quality footage including 2.7K video at 30 frames per second, 1080p at 60 frames per second, or 12-megapixel photograph­s using the ½. 3-inch sensor, the drone features a three-axis motorised gimbal for stable and smooth footage.

To complement the new drone, DJI has also released the new DJI Fly app suite packed with creative features for profession­al-quality production.

The DJI Mavic Mini retails at RM1,599 and is open for pre-order until end of the month, with shipping as early as mid of this month.


U MOBILE has launched GoPayz, a universal e-wallet that offers comprehens­ive digital financial and lifestyle services for all, including non-U Mobile customers.

GoPayz is accepted by Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa and is available both virtually and/or with physical card.

Available for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, users can perform any transactio­n at their convenienc­e, either using the card or via the app and also online at


JAPANESE video game designer, writer, director and producer Hideo Kojima presenting his new video game, Death Stranding, during the Tokyo Game Show in Makuhari, Chiba prefecture.

The much-hyped title for Sony’s PlayStatio­n 4 is his first creation since he went independen­t in 2015.

Kojima is the acclaimed designer of the Konami studio’s mega-selling Metal Gear series.

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JomParking at the PWTC LRT parking lot.
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