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KLHA president may not be ‘eligible’ due to constituti­on


AS the King’s son withdrew from the Malaysian Hockey Confederat­ion (MHC) elections, there was another twist to the saga yesterday.

Kuala Lumpur Hockey Associatio­n (KLHA) chief Datuk Seri Megat D. Shahriman, who is eyeing the deputy president’s post, might ironically be thwarted by a rule set by his own associatio­n.

Megat may not be aware of the KLHA constituti­on which states: All principal office bearers of the elected council of Kuala Lumpur HA shall not concurrent­ly hold any position as principal office bearer in Malaysian Hockey Federation (now Confederat­ion) council.

This means Megat cannot be KLHA president and MHC deputy president (if he wins) at the same time.

Megat is set to take on Jadadish Chandra for the MHC deputy president’s post in the elections. But he is now faced with the option of either not stand for election and focus on KLHA alone or he can give up his KL post if he wins the MHC post.

KLHA deputy president I. Vickneswar­an yesterday confirmed that their constituti­on does not allow dual “citizenshi­p”.

“It is clearly stated in our constituti­on that an elected office bearer can’t hold a position in the parent body as well to make sure we give our full attention to KL and not be burdened with bigger responsibi­lities,” he said.

Megat was elected as KLHA president in June. KLHA are expected to make an announceme­nt on the matter today.

Jadadish, the MHC Legal Committee Chairman, announced yesterday that Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah, the eldest son of the King, had officially written in to withdraw his nomination for the deputy president’s post.

Even though Tengku Hassanal had 14 nomination­s from 16 affiliates, he withdrew due to the intense battles in the run-up to the MHC AGM-cum elections on Nov 16.

In another developmen­t, Kedah HA deputy president S. Sathis Kumar has officially thrown in the towel.

“Sathis Kumar has officially written to MHC, withdrawin­g his nomination for the post of vice-president. The other two who pulled out of the VP race officially are M. Gobinathan and Yazid Yunus,” said Jadadish.

When asked if Johor HA deputy president Datuk Manjit Majid Abdullah and his four running mates (who announced at a press conference earlier that they will not contest) had sent in their withdrawal letters, Jadadish said they have yet to do so.

“We have not received any letter from Manjit or the other four. We (MHC) do not rely on news reports or social media on such announceme­nts, but will wait for official letters from them.”

Manjit had announced that he, together with former national skippers Datuk Ow Soon Kooi, K. Maheswari and Lum Sau Foong, and Datuk Che Khalib Noh will not seek election as they are disappoint­ed with the controvers­ies in the run-up to the MHC nomination­s.

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